Coming Soon to a Sanctuary City Near You

subwayTonight I came across this little gem.  I tried to keep an open mind thinking maybe these gangs of Mexican kids were doing a sort of nice dancing flash mob activity like the this.

Nope, these brats are just a bunch of degenerates chanting at around 13 minutes

I love to party

This is the procedure

My combo really fucking rocks

The time has come for Impulsadora (the dance group)

Come over here and just feel it out

This is how we do it

We are watching you

With a big huge d*ck

and some solvent on our hands

What does my crew say?

We are going to rape her!

We are going to rape her!

Harder, harder

Harder up the a$$!

Fucking whore c(nt

You are such a whore!

The groups have a penchant for inhalants, violence (including bombs) and getting arrested.  They congregate in the hundred for concerts, traveling across town together on the subway, scaring the other passengers.  One of the groups chants that they are followers of Guevara (Che).

Where are the parents of these children?

Oh never mind.

In this age of camera phones, where is the evidence that White kids are gathering in the thousands, chanting about raping women etc?  There is none because it doesn’t happen.  We are not all the same.  Race is more than skin deep.

Mexico can keep its enrichment. NO MORE MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS.  NO AMNESTY.


1 thought on “Coming Soon to a Sanctuary City Near You

  1. mindweapon

    All stuff like this provides teachable moments to Whites that we better organize in our racial interests (not conservative interests!) if we want to have a civilization that is suited to OUR needs, not “multicultural” needs.


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