Israel is a FAIL says Haaretz Columnist

Jews-giving new meaning to the phrase “ride it til the wheels fall off”!  Their best youths are leaving the state of Israel by the thousands.

I got my information secondhand from Mondoweiss because Haaretz wanted a dollar for me to read its articles and I can’t very well give them any of my hard-earned fiat-dollars.

Anyway, Neri Livneh (such an ugly Jewess, but a now my very own Jew-tool) writes about what a failure Israel is.

She says the best young people are leaving and she says it is because the state is only supposed to be for Jews and Jews that think they are superior to others.  She calls Israel a xenophobic theocracy.  She says she lost a lot of classmates in the Yom Kippur war.  I almost feel sorry for her.  I doubt she loses any sleep over MY people (or all the Palestinians she helped kill) though so I don’t.

She admits that Israel is run by Jewish Supremacists.  Hey SPLC!  Are you going to add the State of Israel to your “Hate List” or “Hate Map” or whatever gimmicky crap you come up with next?

Somebody DO something!  All the Jews are moving back to Europe!!!

Anyway, it’s kind of ironic that the Jews are doing the very thing they and the anti-Whites don’t want to allow US to do.  They have created a homeland for themselves, even if a lot of their own people DON’T EVEN WANT TO LIVE THERE.  

And rest assured the Zionists WILL keep moving forward with their genocidal plans until they are stopped.  It’s funny how we are told Israel is our ALLY.  If you consider a ally someone that will walk all over your bloody body to get what it wants an ally then yes, I guess Israel is our ally.

Shhhhh, not allowed to talk about Israel.  We will just feed that 800 pounder some more bananas and see how it goes huh?



I’ll end with a quote from a commenter at Mondoweiss:

seafoid says:

Judaism is a mess, (Kathleen). The door to Israel from the US is shut closed and nobody is allowed to open it. But there’s a very bad smell coming through the keyhole…


12 thoughts on “Israel is a FAIL says Haaretz Columnist

      1. Brandon

        I don’t know… seems everybody over there says “it” is a female…?? I assume FWM has his tongue firmly planted in cheek?

  1. Michael Weaver

    The internet not yet under Zionist control will be their undoing, demise, and their ultimate downfall. The Aryan people are awakening from their Jewish Supremacist media induced slumber..Cheers… Forward into the storm, a world lies beyond.

  2. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Israel is Pandora’s box. Once it is opened and all the jewesses and their ugly hubbies pop out and try to escape to the US, its over! We must put the word out! We have sent that stupid turd mound in the sands of the Middle East billions of dollars,for what? A despicable people that do everything in their power to tear down Western Civilization and Christianity. These people are ‘chosen’ alright, they chose to be a pain in the arce! They made their bed in their failed country because of their amorality on middle class white peoples’ dime. How many stories do we come across about the forced prostitution of Russian and Eastern European women in Israel? It’s bad enough the USA has become a multicultural temporary employment agency with Mexico being the primary supplier of serfs to undermine wages of white middle class people.

    Israelites stay in Israel. You made your turd pile, you sit in it. We must work to get the word out on these people.

    Understand that the US Empire is the penultimate anti-White. Understand that Jews=Israel=Zios. Comprehend that our government, which is bought out by Israel, is planning on resettling these people in places such as Idaho, Washington State, Montana, etc to prevent any enclaves of whiteness. The ‘Redoubt’ advertised online is a cloaked government operation to infiltrate the Pacific NW with Jews, Zios etc.

    WE are becoming refugees in the USA. We must go stealth while alerting the others who can ‘see’. We must colonize quietly while bring aware and guarded.

  3. Snow White

    Here are some links, Maureen. The actual website for it is extremely suspicious; the article on HuffPuke gives some insight into who’s really behind it.

    Gotta say it reeks of government backing…given the ultimate in strategic placing of it right between the three states and on the border of Canada…

    I can’t remember if they welcome jews or not. I don’t think they mention it, but that de facto leader of the Redoubt’s survivalist territory does, which is awful for us. I think these people need to learn a lot more about the jews.


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