To My New Readers from Wonkette

First, I must thank you for coming out in droves.  This is going to give me a lot of google juice which means more White people will find my site.  I don’t have time to promote the site like I ought to so this really is a big help.

Second, you appear to be reading some of my other articles (besides the one that brought you here) and I thank you for that as well.  I’m curious as to what you think of them.  I have written them as an encouragement for the growing number of White Nationalists and other like-minded people in the U.S. and around the world  but even though you are not my intended audience, I would be interested in your views on my subject matter.  Please leave a (respectful) comment and I will publish it.

Third, I am trying to read some of the articles at Wonkette, as I try to be open-minded to views that differ from my own.  I didn’t even know about Wonkette until recently even though it is a popular site.  I have trouble with the snarky writing style, to be honest.  It seems very dismissive of those with different life experience and views but maybe I’m overly sensitive.  It makes me wonder what the end goal of the author is?  It doesn’t seem like he (and the domain name WAS purchased by a man, despite the “ette” ending in Wonkette) wants to change our minds (would be hard with all the insulting phrases being thrown about).  Does he want to get rid of us somehow or ????  Otherwise, it seems like the site is more of an echo chamber for like-minded left-wingers.  He hasn’t allow many of my comments through so he doesn’t entertain dissenting views.  I guess that’s why y’all stopped calling yourselves liberal huh?  You realized that you just aren’t really liberal-minded at all, just anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-European.  

So what do you Wonkettes call yourselves?  Not progressives certainly.  And if so, what is the end goal of the policies you support?  Comments please!  I am trying to learn.


9 thoughts on “To My New Readers from Wonkette

  1. James McDonald

    I must say, respectfully, that your site is about reactionary, mindless fear. The attribution of some sort of hive mentality to non-aryan peoples, bent only on moving into your neighborhood and mating with your children is a reaction based on fear of the unknown, and economic uncertainty. The very fact interbreeding is possible, rather than offspring being, “mules,” like closely related but different species, must allay some of your fears of just how different the other is.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Thank you James for your comment but I have never said non-Whites are all “bent only on moving into my neighborhood and mating with my children”

      What people like myself HAVE noticed is that predominantly White countries and only White countries have been inundated with immigrants of different races. THEN we have mass media, which is controlled by roughly 4 ultra-rich, ivory tower types, constantly promoting race-mixing. Isn’t that strange? Why the push to misegenate?

      I didn’t quite understand what you were saying about mules. Are you saying it’s okay that we allow the breeding out of beautiful White steeds in favor of ugly old donkeys?

      Do you also realize Mr. McDonald you are promoting the genocide of an entire race of people?

      There are many, many pieces of evidence that point to a social engineering plan of epic proportions, that if realized will ensure that the White population will be greatly reduced, or even eradicated. In theory it could happen in a couple of generations.

    2. Harley

      How about moving into our neighborhood, county, state and country to harass, physically attack, murder and maim us, and steal resources from us?

      1. James McDonald

        If you do a small amount of research, you will find that the majority of victims of minority crime are minorities; the majority of criminals who prey on whites are just as white as the victim.
        Actually, since you fear the loss of economic security, your REAL enemy might very well be the wealthy who share skin tone with you, but other than asking you to vote for their interests rather than your own, have scant use for you if your job can be outsourced to another country, or done by someone willing to work for less in this country. Economic insecurity is a result of the actions of the rich and powerful, much more than the movement of poor people from one neighborhood to another.

      2. Harley

        The black on white rape rate ranges from 35,000 to 14,000 a year; the white on black one has remained at around ten per year for some time. The comparison of black on white hate crime murders and maimings compared to white on black are at least as equally disproportionate. Hispanics rape and murder whites at a far greater rate than the opposite, too. In addition, these two ethnicities corner the market on sucking up resources that middle class whites pay for, like food stamps, etc., all the while getting race based admissions privileges, scholarships and job preferences. Most hispanics and many blacks aren’t simply moving from neighborhood to neighborhood; they move into the US from other countries.

        The real enemies are the people who claim whites are not equal before the law when it comes to race protectionism, and the vast majority of the policy-makers in that vein are not white.

  2. Ryu

    Alright, damn you. I’ll do a 10 minute look at Wonkette…..

    It’s a hipster news and jews site. It’s entertainment. Next! It’s pointless to waste time on that audience.


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