Use Your Creative Mind to Help Us Win.

Our people have created the most complex, organized, clean, safe societies in recorded history.  If you are European, the blood of those people flows through your veins.

Everyone has something different to offer.  Some will be suited to becoming midwives to help us deliver healthy babies when Obamacare screws up the medical industry.  Some will be builders, building new homes out of rubble.  Some will be songwriters, inspiring us to keep moving forward.  Some will be fighters, defending us from annihilation.  Some will be computer anti-hackers, keeping our (new) systems safe.  Some will be historians, compiling information and writing books about our struggle for future generations to read.

If you got one of those “useless degrees” do not despair.  We need you.  Even now, we need psychologists to help us deal with White guilt and other tactics used on us by our enemies.  We need English Majors to write speeches for our political candidates.  We need Public Relations people.  Advertisers.  Web Designers.  Computer Programmers.  The list goes on and on and on.

A lot of WNs say we should all pursue this career or that line of study.  I say, we should all pursue what feels natural to us as that’s what we will excel at.  And we NEED to excel.

Here’s more from Ryu at Eradica.

“My message to other WNs: be more creative! Think outside of the box, even our box. Whatever it takes to win, do it. The enemy is dying off and making mistakes. WN is about us, not them. The most part important of WN is what’s going on inside your head.”  Read more from Ryu here.  


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