Is Cross-Fit Training for White People Only?


Of course not.  This is Amurkistan after all but with it’s (approximately) $200 a month membership fee and the type of exercise done there (old school calisthenics and free-weight lifting) Cross-Fit centers don’t seem to attract as many non-Whites as a $30 a month chain fitness center.

This article says  people who CrossFit together often form tight-knit cliques.  I know we’ve been taught that cliques are bad but actually they are good.  I’m in a couple myself.  Cliques can give you the support you need to try new things and navigate through life successfully.  We’ve been taught they were bad because our enemies don’t like White people forming groups.

So, before diversity is forced on Cross-Fit centers, consider spending the $200 a month on getting into a clique.  Try to get into a group of accomplished people who are living lives of purpose.  Bonus points if they are WN minded but they don’t have to be.  Start enjoying life in your new little social group.  Relationships are the stuff of life.  And you’ll get a better body for it too.


One thought on “Is Cross-Fit Training for White People Only?

  1. Ryu

    I saw that article. Crossfit is heavily white in real life. Much like yoga, jogging, and golf. I’m glad its a cliche.


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