Make Money anti-Hacking

Governments and companies are paying the big bucks to increase security against cyber attacks.  How does $100-200K per year sound?

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5 thoughts on “Make Money anti-Hacking

  1. mindweapon

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    h/t to Aryan Street
    If you are into computers, look into cyber security — so called “white hat hacking.” It’s an Occupational Specialty in the military now too. This is something that takes total devotion, like every waking hour, but if playing around with code is your thing, there’s your job.


    I think what everyone(big biz, gov., ect.) needs to do is to stop doing some things(storing top secret docs and what not) on the computer. I believe Russia started doing that recently. Also, having a homogeneous nation with closed borders and limited tourism would do wonders for security.

  3. Ryu

    Interesting how the gov is hiring criminal hackers to work for them. Seems the rules are different for their employees than for us mundanes.


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