The Five Things we need to do the most for ourselves and our people in 2013 (edited to add one more)

This is a good list.
The hardest part for me is staying motivated. I only work part time so I should spend my free time working on this list or learning more about the business I’m in, so I can advance. But instead, I fritter my time away doing….I don’t know what. Errands and socializing I guess. I would be very interested to hear ideas on how to motivate oneself. Horrifying visions of myself begging inthe street don’t do anything for me, I’ve tried.

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

1. Emotional intelligence — getting along with each other. Making friendships last and marriages last and getting along well with siblings and parents and children. and teaching young White men how to appropriately behave towards young White women. Our women want us to take the lead, rather than being namby pamby wimps who want women to tell us what to do. For many young White men, this is something that needs to be taught explicitly as their fathers, if they had one, didn’t teach it to them. Emotional intelligence can be learned systematically, there’s books and youtubes, and those of us who possess it need to coach those who do not.

2. Save money in the form of gold and silver coins. Gold and silver are secret wealth, and they hold value in ways that paper dollars might not. THey are also portable.

3. To stop eating packaged foods. The…

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