Why I Believe in and Sent Money to Matthew Heimbach


There is a lot of distrust in our movement and sometimes there is reason for it.

It appears (and it may just be an appearance, after all, people “like us” only control maybe a tenth of the media and that via the internet) that there are “men” who make money off of White Nationalists and give nothing back.  

Matthew Heimbach though, has proven himself to me as a serious and sincere White Nationalist.

I have met him in person and spoken with him.  When I spoke with him, he had high hopes that the League of the South and him would stand together against White Genocide.  Now they have turned on him because he is “too radical” ie. he is truly awake, Jew-wise and he is fighting back instead of simply going to meetings and reminiscing.

He and a handful of men protested at a Tim Wise event and were attacked by anti-racists. Matthew and his crew had the power of God with them though and prevailed.  One of the anti-racists was arrested.  Read more here.  

You can find OLD youtube videos with Matthew in them, from when he was awake to racial things but not yet Jew-wise.  I understand this because I only woke up to racial reality around 4 years ago and it took me some time to challenge my belief system which had come to regard the “Jews” as the chosen people.  But eventually, as I opened my mind, all was revealed to me and the same thing happened to Matthew.  His awakening was just more public than mine was.  

And again, even recently, in his youthful, perhaps naive, idealist White mind, he thought maybe the League of the South was on his side.  Some of us who have been around longer tried to warn him that the LOS would let him down but he had to experience it for himself.  

He is in his mid-20s.  Do you remember what you were like at that age?  I was still pretty much brainwashed at that age.  It took many years of experiencing the “diversity is our strength” nightmare to realize that I’d been lied to my entire life.

Despite being raised in a “liberal” home like myself, Matthew realized many things early and immediately took action!  He is to be commended for this, even if his understanding wasn’t complete.  

Questions?  Ask.  This guy is worth consideration.

We need to stand behind those that are willing to put their real names and reputations on the line for the 14 words.


25 thoughts on “Why I Believe in and Sent Money to Matthew Heimbach

  1. j.t. www laffrey

    So, at the following link, is it the old Heimbach, the new Heimbach, or the same old Heimbach?

    He is quoted as accepting jews who convert to Christianity. Such an idea shows either ignorance of what jews are, or complicity with the Masters Of Deceit.

    That’s not all. I recall an article about Heimbach making statements against Adolf Hitler. If true, then I would also ask whether that was the old, new, or same old Heimbach.

      1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

        Thanks FWM.

        We have to break out of our fears of doing things imperfectly or about being mentally duped by controlled opposition. If there is controlled opposition, let’s use it to our advantage. These guys often have huge readerships!

        If they told the whole truth our enemies wouldn’t allow them to use their media tools at all. These guys get part of our message out there. It is up to us to get the rest out.

    1. Harley

      Unfortunately the link your article has to an interview with Heimbach doesn’t work. It is very disturbing if he did in fact say he prefers non-white christians to white pagans, or I’ll assume atheists.

      I don’t know what to make of his statements about jews. It has appeared to me that Heimbach has simply evolved in his understanding of that issue. I read one article he wrote in which he recounted violent episodes acted out by virulently anti-white jews, although he did seem more insulted by their anti-christian attitude (at least in one incident while he was with Towson’s WSU) than by their anti-White fervor.

      One commenter above calls him a crypto, and controlled opposition. This sounds somewhat far fetched but one never knows. I do think that overplaying this christianity stuff really stagnates the movement so that would be one thing to make me wonder about some possible underlying agenda.

      I don’t hold out too much hope for these guys anymore. I don’t think he should have had anything to do with the Klan or with the National Socialists, and I am certain this obsessive christianity instead of obsessive pro-White stuff will repel more people than it will attract.

      Something is deeply wrong in the US. Whites can’t organize the most simple advocacy group. I’ve wanted to get something together to advocate for white victims of racial crimes who are ignored or repressed by the criminal justice system. The hardcore people seem to see that as a waste of time; the moderates are too scared still.

      Sometimes I really wonder if most of what we see as ‘pro-white’ is really just controlled op. I’m almost certain Jared Taylor is some form of it.

      Anyone who has dual citizenship with another european-founded country should go back to it. Marine Le Pen is likely to take over yet in the US we can’t even form a simple advocacy group or white rights organization that isn’t weighed down with bizarre bible thumping,or associations with Klan or nazis, and that’s if they even do anything besides blab on the internet. There’s no hope for the US, I’m fairly certain.

      1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

        With all due respect, perhaps we can’t form simple groups because people let their differing views stand in the way. No offense but your post illustrates this.

        Also, people are afraid, afraid, afraid of controlled opposition. Freaking Alex Jones may be controlled opposition but I’ll bet he has done more to wake people up than you and me put together. Yeah, he doesn’t name the Jew but can people not go to other websites and make the connection themselves? My money is on many, many White people doing just that.

        Let’s not be paralyzed by fear and perfectionism. Make your plans happen Harley!

  2. feminizedwesternmale

    Yes, Ms. Martin, exactly. We know EVERYTHING on the internet is monitored. We know a concerted effort was made to turn the former strength of White individualism into a weakness via Critical Theory – taught in all centers of higher learning know – which boils down to “distinguish yourself by publicly destroying everything around you.” (See Frankfurt School/Cultural Marxism) None of this is a secret. And yet even on our most distinguished sites, comments always run along the lines of finicky, judgmental, deconstruction of every person and effort who could possibly be considered part of “our team.”
    And the Jewish monitor sits back and snickers – he knows he won’t have to do more than just continue to monitor, and take names. What an easy job we make for him…

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Agreed. I for one am sick to death of the pontificators and critics.

      A wise man once told me, and he was not being sarcastic, “If someone can do a better job than me, they he or she should do it.” He even said he would gladly step aside from his leadership role if someone else’s way was working better than his.

      To all the critics I say, get BUSY doing something productive.

  3. j.t. www laffrey

    Well, I guess my reply is a bit late but perhaps still useful.

    The linked article (in my comment at top) says in the link that it was posted on May 17, 2013. It mentions and links to a recording of an interview Heimbach did. The interview begins without saying the date, but later the host (an African in the USA) says its 2012. It was AFTER Heimbach began the White student group at the university. The interview begins with Heimbach talking about wanting all races treated “equally.” Later, the host says (wrongly) that Hitler was funded by jews, and Heimbach didn’t respond to that at all. Later still, Heimbach said about 9/11 that there are not enough facts out about it, so he doesn’t know if “the Mossad” was involved or not. So, on 9/11, rather than admit his ignorance, he claims that there aren’t enough available facts for ANYONE to make a conclusion — which is absurd, at best. We know jews did 9/11.

    HOWEVER, I did NOT hear Heimbach say the alleged quote: “If a Jew converted to Christianity, I would accept him as a brother in Christ.” I listened to about 95 percent of the recording, which I did not enjoy :-P. Heimbach does claim to be a Christian, though, so the alleged quote has plausibility as something he might say.

    At the following link (Vice.com, an enemy site), which was linked by DestroyZionism in an article from June 2013, Heimbach is quoted as saying, “I hate Hitler.” The article has a note at bottom saying it was posted four months ago, and the implication is that Heimbach had said that very recently.

    So, there’s the time frame. Late 2012 for everything except the “hate Hitler” quote, which was early 2013.

    Yes, indeed, there’s nothing wrong with a person changing for the better as knowledge increases. My original questions still stand as to whether the stated positions are the old or new Heimbach.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Well, for what it’s worth, I asked him in a facebook message on September 13, 2013 about some of these recordings and this is part of his message back to me:

      …my views have obviously heavily evolved due to study, experiences, friendships, and a whole lot of growing up. I am now a devout Orthodox Christian, a white nationalist, and politically lean towards monarchy and elements of fascism as found with the Iron Guard. I stand against International Jewry, communism, capitalism, and Modernity.”

      I guess we will have to wait and see what becomes of his actions. As I’m sure you know there are many that disagree with your methods as well.

      1. j.t. www laffrey

        “there are many that disagree with your methods as well.”

        Among Whites, only the painfully ignorant disagree with killing the enemy who is killing us.

        I was among those painfully ignorant only a few years ago. I have learned that everything our Whites tried during the last century (generation after generation after generation) failed. They were all talk and nonviolence (except for a few rare individual heroes). They died. All of the enemy jews were left in place. In hindsight, wasn’t that STUPID? (rhetorical question).

        In a murderous, genocidal war, the nonviolent side will lose every time. In a war, the side who kills enough of the enemy first, wins.

        We have multi-millions of hunters and veterans. If each one kills only one enemy, we win in a week. Meanwhile, we can’t wait for multi-millions to fully wake up and man up. Fortunately, we don’t NEED multi-millions. We only NEED hundreds right now, and it will snowball. Many rats will flee. The other races will recognize that we are taking our country back, and most of them will flee, too.

  4. Jon

    The Christian problem within WN comes almost exclusively from Christians and is this: the Jesus blood in the chalice is thicker than the blood of a distant cousin who refuses to partake of it.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      No the problem is, all the “church” businesses have been infiltrated and Judaized.

      The term Judeo-Christian has only been in use for a few decades.

      For a compilation of what past Popes have said about Jews, check here: http://www.romancatholicism.org/popes-jews.htm

      and if you are of a Protestant bent, here’s what Martin Luther (not King) thought of them (from a Jewish website btw): http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/anti-semitism/Luther_on_Jews.html

      1. Jon

        The problem is a lack of trust between Christians and atheists/Pagans that simply doesn’t exist between atheists and Pagans. If Jesus appeared in the flesh and proved to me unequivocally (and I had a sane government), the reason I’d report Him to the immigration authorities is because to me, even if Christianity were 100% correct, I would still have no higher loyalty than to my sacred People.

      2. Jon

        Talking about a serious problem is not “nitpicking”. You might even consider doing a post on it. It’s not such a problem in Europe because most reactionaries here are atheists or Pagans and discussions on continental western Europeans forums I have read are mostly free of discussions of Christianity and certainly not the infighting that plagues American blog comments and forums. For you Yanks, it would be good if there is some way of bridging the huge gap between the two groups — for the Christians — make Our survival the central theme — for the atheists — lay off the gratuitous criticism and childish ridicule.

        I have several problems with Christianity, chief among them its alien origin and its universality — concern the state of the souls of Bantus, Mestizos and Australoids doesn’t appear on its face in spiritual system of preserving Europeans peoples. But the main problem is a question of loyalty. IMO should be race > religion, not the other way round. This is not a problem with Pagans, for their race is implicitly intertwined with their religion.

  5. Ryu

    Some lizards shed their limbs when attacked. It allows the organism to live as a small part of it dies. That’s how it is with WN. We’ve been able to survive because we cut off limbs.

    Large groups are dangerous. We do have to be careful. Our police state is more pervasive than in East Germany or the USSR. We have to develop a system where if one person is attacked, they can’t roll up the entire network.

    1. JODAFO

      “Large groups are dangerous. We do have to be careful. Our police state is more pervasive than in East Germany or the USSR. We have to develop a system where if one person is attacked, they can’t roll up the entire network.”

      Large groups of people aren’t dangerous, there is safety in that. Its membership organizations that are the problem. There are tons of little things people can do independently, unfortunately, if you recommend people do those little things they will debate, debate, debate, about whether or not its effective instead of just doing it. If they do understand the effectiveness they realize its going to take a lot of people to get in sync with them for it to start having an effect. So, they end up doing nothing because they don’t want to take the initiative, they want to start doing it when the snow ball is a snow boulder.

  6. Clytemnestra

    I’m a big fan of the third path.

    Why does everything have to be an “either or” proposition? Why does one having to be either a fawning Philosemite or a raving Antisemite? I became “Jew-aware” after a couple of forced indoctrination semesters with the La Raza types made me wonder who spoke for White interests and actively seek out Pro-White boards.

    Yet I can honestly say this: I have never EVER had a bad personal experience with an average, ordinary, every-day Jew. Overall, most of my experiences have been neutral at worst and positive at best. Yes, their leadership sucks rocks and I think the “good” shepherds of these kosher flocks are ravening wolves who regularly fleece them via protection rackets like the ADL and SPLC and would tear them asunder in an instant.

    But the average Jew is in the same boat as the average White. Unlike our leadership, their leadership throws them a few crumbs to whip up their loyalty. But like our leadership, their leadership uses some form of terrorism to frighten them into compliance except, instead of using Al Quaida, their leadership talks about the “corn-pone Nazi” next door.

    I don’t see any reason to be steered into Philosemitism OR Antisemitism. I favor a third path which I call “Asemitism.” I am a Japhethite and I don’t expect an alien Semite race like the Jews to think like Japhethites. So I am not angered or disappointed when Jews don’t act like Japhethites. I accept that their personalities and antics so annoying to us Japhethites are inherent idiosyncracies.

    So, when a Jew has a “Jewy” suggestion to make. I don’t look for evil, sinister motives behind it. For all I know, they may be well-meaning and actually trying to improve or “heal” the world by practicing Tikkum Olam with me. I don’t argue or debate with them. I listen, thank them for their imput and promise that I’ll consider it. Then I follow the promptings of my own Japhethite impulses. Because what they suggest may work like gangbusters for them, but I know that what they suggest will not work for me.

    Asemitism does not have to be hostile to Jews. Asemitism considers Jews irrelevant to the decision-making process, because we don’t want to be paralyzed by Judeophobia over the idea of some Jew ultimately benefiting. Whether or not a Jew benefits from a Japhethite’s choice should be inconsequential to us. We just make our own choices and we don’t worry how it will affect the Jews; good, bad, or indifferent. We just pursue our own interests. Just like every body else.

      1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

        Do you have anything to say about the original topic?

        Must say I get tired of hearing/reading Jew apologists. My experience with Jews wasn’t so good. I worked for them and they are at best cold and calculating, at worst, I read about them in the paper for fraud a couple of years after I escape them.

        The “little Jews” that you are so worried about would probably be a menace if they had some power. They just don’t because not everyone can be at the top. It’s also not the way of Jews to be open in their hostility when they are living next door to us but a look at where their charitable giving is done would give us an idea how they REALLY feel about us (ie. SPLC, ADL etc.) And they voted for Obama, most of them. And he has made it plain that it’s time for a change meaning White people have gotta go.

        So I’m not going to turn this into a News and Jews site but they are not us, they are not for us and they do not belong around White people. They have THEIR homeland, it’s time we had ours.

    1. Harley

      So don’t be paralyzed and leave, dear anti-white-masquerading-as ‘one of us.’ Your contention that the average jew is in the same boat as the average white is so pornographic that all I can tell you is to tell that to all the victims, or their surviving loved ones, of White Genocide. Mostly I suggest you take you barely concealed hatred of Whites somewhere else. Speaking from the ‘we,’ I assure you those of us who truly seek to defend our people don’t want your ‘help.’

  7. heathenhank

    I think a good bit of our problems stem from our predominant form of communication: online textual messaging. Its very distant, inhuman, and it lacks many of the social cues that voice or face to face observation allow for. Without these subconscious signals, its very easy to assume things like snark, hostility, and general disdain. Simple tones of voice, friendly nods of the head etc, etc, can have extremely alleviating effects on individuals even during the most intense of debates.

    Honestly, in some comment board of Vbulletin thread, a lot of these people who get in furious text arguments would likely keep themselves to kind conversation if they just picked up the phone and gave each other a call.

    For the movement in general, Matt Parrot says it best in “never leave a fallen comrade.” If you consider yourself pro-White but say, hate the Pagan or National Socialist message, don’t trip over yourself trying to denounce every single individual who’s technically in your tent. Likewise, the more ideologically hardcore among us need to back off from the vettings of ideological purity.

    What’s so fascinating about the expanse of the left is how effectively it can expand its tent to include the most distant of individuals. Every year it seemingly “includes,” more and more identities while the Republican base dwindles, and no real cracks have shown in the democrat alliance as of yet. WN could learn something from this.

  8. Softer Side of the Movement

    My advice to anyone in this movement is to do real homework on those you place in a place of example. There are things and skeletons in closets that people just do not know. I’ve been in this for many many years around 25 I was a young teen when I got started. I’ve seen many rise and many fall many beliefs and religions. Organization, Patch, Crew , religion should remain a individuals own but when it comes to the future for our folk we must all step as one. One folk One People. Save our Race then build our people! I am pagen as are most of my family but I have many CI friends I still support Hero’s like Matthew Hale and Gary Yarn rough. Why because they no matter there belief deserve that. I respect Billy Roper as a strong Man deserving of that respect and I am great friends with his wife. Faith in what ever you Believe is what’s Important and a desire to save your folk as well . We are a beautiful folk made of many different styles all that matters is the style leads us to victory and survival. As far as the above topic, never put all your eggs in one basket because even on someday something may break. Support your folk not any one man or woman. Keep a record and hold them accountable when you support anything. Just like when you asked about helping that family. We keep a record of all we do and will provide proof of doing so.


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