Television – Break the Addiction

tvAre any of you STILL watching television?

I watch it only under duress (occasional friend or client pressure) or to be informed about what our enemies are up to.

If you want to live on Aryan Street you cannot use television for entertainment.

And if you have children and you let them watch more than 1 hour of quality television per week, I question whether you are truly awake.

Even the best quality television shows rewire your child’s mind.  The scenes change quickly and a steady diet of wild images flashing through your child’s brain is not natural.

I don’t have a research team to prove it but I thoroughly believe that this sort of unnatural stimuli is LITERALLY addicting and makes real life seem dull in comparison to those young minds.  Is it any wonder kids start using drugs and alcohol at younger and younger ages to make things more exciting?

Please invest some time into helping your children find hobbies that will get them engaged in LIFE.  There are thousands of things they could do but they need encouragement.

In the old days children collected things.  Stamps, butterflies, rocks, etc.  They painted, drew portraits, played instruments and so on.  They didn’t crave a screen to watch!  They were busy!

I am fortunate.  My mother instinctively knew that we children needed to be outside a lot and that too much television viewing would be harmful to us.  There weren’t a lot of girls my age in the neighborhood so I played with my brother in the backyard, ran around in the fields and woods behind our house and read a LOT of books.

The book reading in particular was extremely important to my USEFUL education.  I was reading classic books before I knew what classics were.  The reason this was important is that at a very young age I learned what our people used to be like without the outsider Jews adding their pernicious two shekel opinions to it.  I especially loved works by Dickens, the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen.  (I later discovered George McDonald – he was an inspiration for CS Lewis and he wrote some beautiful stories).

BTW, reading the classics was not difficult for me and they won’t be for most children if they start reading them early on.  I can remember skipping over words I didn’t understand and/or figuring out what they meant by the context in which they were used.  I think many White children will do this naturally if their minds aren’t ruined with TV and crappy dumbed down books.

I grew up in a liberal home in a Whitopia but I woke up to the White Genocide Project (very late) in part because I was a reader and not a big TV watcher.



3 thoughts on “Television – Break the Addiction

  1. Harley

    I stopped watching TV a long time ago….cable bills are such a rip off in some areas. Now I don’t even want to watch it and actually have to make myself. Movies are almost all anti-white or made by anti-whites, regular tv is just vapid and news is so fake and ridiculous. I get mine from the internet.

    Speaking of which, the TYN protest of Tim Wise today got violent – antifa attacked with mace, a padlock-filled sock, and supposedly a knife, although I don’t think it got used. I’m spooked out because I’m living in an almost all jew and black run county, very few anglo celts at all, and I’m in the midst of being attacked by some in the legal system.

    It’s incredible that our people are being killed all over the country, and maimed, and yet I cannot claim minority status, much less hated at that.


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