Another Reluctant Racist Joins Our Ranks

A client of mine has a niece (White of course) who is in medical school.  She had been described by her mother as the “least racist person ever”.  

The niece, by choice, decided to take an apartment with 3 Asian girls representing 3 Asian countries.  Excellent!

One month into it, she is fed up.  She agreed to take off her shoes when entering the apartment because her roommates told her, “It’s an Asian thing”.  She was told “It’s an Asian thing” a number of times when the others wanted her to handle things in the apartment in ways that were uncomfortable.

Finally though, when the request for her roommates to clean up their dirty dishes left in the sink was declined with the now familiar excuse that, “It’s an Asian thing”, she had had enough and she told off her roommates.  She asked how they would like it if she was constantly saying, “It’s a White thing?”  And she is probably going to move out of the apartment.

Diversity is our stench.  The end. 


6 thoughts on “Another Reluctant Racist Joins Our Ranks

  1. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Asians are not the ‘friends’ of Viking Whites. They are here to colonize the US and the majority of them voted fir the big Obummah. White Vikings are under the gun the world over as minority masses try to subjugate us. They are hostile to whites and Europeans.

    1. Tina

      Asians are racist to the bone. I cry thinking about that huge ‘industrial park’ Idaho gave the Chinese. The Chinese can have it, provided they create jobs up there. Well, guess what? Doesn’t the stupid governor know they’ll just give those jobs to other Chinese? Umm, hello?

  2. thrasymachus33308

    Anti-racism is a form of status signaling among whites. Since anyone who has to deal with non-whites on an equal or lower basis becomes racist from the experience, being an anti-racist white is a way of saying, “I have such high status I never have to deal with non-whites, or when I do they are in a firmly inferior position and respectful and submissive to me.” Or pretending that this is the case.


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