Europeans say NO to Thought Crime Gulags

Our enemies at the UN are trying impose harsh penalties for what they deem “hate crimes”.

At the EU Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee meeting in Brussels Nick Griffin, a representative from the UK, did not hesitate to point out that the ultimate goal of the EU’s proposed ” Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance legislation” being debated, is genocide.

Other parliament members also voiced their disagreement with this heinous idea in no uncertain terms.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, start at 22 minutes.


10 thoughts on “Europeans say NO to Thought Crime Gulags

  1. Harley

    Thank you so much for posting this…I had started watching it, paused and moved on, but lost the window and didn’t know where to find it again. I think we should all study this – as we speak ZOG is arresting their opposition in Greece, screaming ‘Nazi’ as they continue to push legislation that is right out of the Third Reich’s playbook. It’s just incredible…and of course we have an Israeli lecturing the europeans in the UN about ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity.’

  2. Ryu

    I don’t think there’s any legitimate way for us to work within the system. But it is necessary for appearance’s sake; that’s why we have Jared Taylors. We’ll never win by playing their game inside their arena.

    1. Tina

      Ryu: we need to teach our white children, FROM THE CRADLE, to be proud of being white, AND TO MARRY WHITE AND RAISE THEIR CHILDREN TO LOVE WHAT THIS COUNTRY WAS.
      Which means, not only not marrying blacks and browns, but not marrying Asians either.

      White Nationalist men need to address this issue as well.

      If you want whites to win, as you say you do, tnen that’s how it’s done.

  3. Harley

    Mauren what part of the country are you in? I’m curious about where there might be white liberationist communities since I really need to find one…

      1. Tina

        You’re kidding. I’m in So. Kalifornia too.

        But to make a recommendation to both you and Harley: I’m SERIOUSLY looking at Kalispell, MT. All white, maybe 400 Hispanics (dishwashers?) no blacks to speak of, some Asians.
        I’ve read that there are many retired cops and sheriffs there. It’s VERY conservative. There is a sizable percentage of that population that is VERY aware of the economic crisis about to unfold.

        Mind you, I have not been there, but am speaking to people on the phone there, and by e-mail.
        It’s in western Montana, where the weather is milder, compared to eastern Montana.

        That said, I have been to Montana many times- beautiful country However, it HAS changed in the last 20 years. Still conservative, but changing. Sure, Californians are going up there, but a lot of them are conservative. There are also worrisome liberals…..

        Two important things here:

        1) Montana is considered one of the best areas against Agenda 21- believe me, you had better pay attention to that.

        2) Montana has not been hit (yet) with a Refugee Resettlement bullshit scam.

        BUT IT WILL BE A TARGET CUZ IT’S SO WHITE. As we speak, Montana is 90% white, 6% Native American, and a hodge-podge of the rest.

        the refugee thing will be something the Montanans are going to have to organize against AHEAD OF TIME.

        If I go, I will definitely get politically involved.

        Land there is fairly expensive, but I will buy it- gonna grow my own food, etc.

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