Internet Activism – Native American Grandmas ‘Capture the Flag’ From Neo-Nazis in North Dakota

Four Native American grandmothers came together to play an improv “game” of “capture the flag” from the Nazis.

My comment (if it makes it through moderation:

This was a hateful thing to do.

Native “Americans” have THEIR AREAS. Blacks have the entire content of Africa. Asians have Asia. Where do Europeans have? Europe is overrun with non-Europeans. Only Europeans are told they can’t have a homeland.

Europeans are starting to notice the anti-White bigotry.


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9 thoughts on “Internet Activism – Native American Grandmas ‘Capture the Flag’ From Neo-Nazis in North Dakota

  1. vikingbitch

    The use of Nazi symbolism is a ruse used by the biggest Anti- whites- the Jews, to distract the public from the REAL issue, that being that whites are not supposed to have their own homeland. The masses of other Anti Whites have gone along with this bullying, but they are just being used to further the Jew agenda, that being to genocide the White race.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      I rather thing WNs play right into the hands of the anti-Whites when they use Nazi symbolism.

      This Craig Cobb thing reeks of failure. From making a big issue of his plans to inviting the costume clowns up to help him. Can’t tell if he’s sincere or a paycheck anti-White. Time will tell I guess.


      1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

        Tis true. We will be called Nazis anytime we try to have ANYTHING of our own. Still in real life I try not to label myself at all because people assume they know everything about you when you do that. I try to stick with the important issues such as MASSIVE immigration into White countries and ONLY White countries.

  2. Ryu

    I read it as a flurry of attention early on, which then tails off. This happened in Kalispell as well. Those dudes should just wait out the storm, then in 3 months they’ll be forgotten. People have short attention spans today.

  3. phalluster

    I left a comment about firewater that will never pass moderation, but at least I will have ruffled one dope’s feathers when he reads it and hits the IP block button.


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