Internet Activism-How to tell if you are a racist

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How do you know if you are a racist or bigot?

It’s easy. If you’ve ever used any of the following two phrases, you are a racist or a bigot:

1.  These people

2.  Those people

Maureen’s note:  Read more about the Nicaraguan people pictured below here. The article is titled, “Nicaraguan gang responsible for killing Argentine folk singer launders $1 billion.”


Now back to Lone Praire’s post:

  Our Nicaraguan friends were our equals, not “those people.”

On one of my first trips to Nicaragua, a man in our group who cared very much about helping the small town we were working in, asked “What can we do to help these people?” Our leader stopped him immediately.

“I don’t ever want to hear anyone refer to our Nicaraguan friends as ‘these people’,” he said. That shocked me. I realized I was doing the same thing. He went on to explain that doing that was a way in which we put ourselves in a different category, and approached helping in a patronizing way. It was as if we were saying “we are up here, and those people are over there, and we’ll help those people from our lofty perch.” In other words, we are saying we are better.

Leave a comment!  I did!  (although it may not make it through moderation).  Please be civil!  My comment:

I think it’s VERY sad that a man who went to Nicaragua to help people was shamed for his choice of words.

THIS sort of thing is why people like me want our own areas to live in. White people can’t win. Even when we are doing our best to help people who aren’t White, IT IS NEVER ENOUGH!

And seriously if people don’t like us “racists”, wouldn’t it be a good thing to get us away from the rest of the population. And if not, why not?


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