I’m Afraid I’m a Racist

I usually write my posts on Aryan Street for White people who are already racially aware or “racist” as the hateful anti-Whites like to call us.  This post however, is for people who may be becoming racially aware and afraid or ashamed of it.


First, I can understand your fear.  I had it too.  In the so-called modern world we live in, a label like “racist” is almost on par with the label pedophile.  In fact, I think the witch hunt for “racists”, most of whom have never harmed a soul is better funded than the hunt for pedophiles.  Certainly, racism is given more attention than the purveyors of the worst forms of pornography, even child porn.  You mean to tell me, in this modern age, they can’t find the people who are making and selling this stuff?  Rubbish.

This article tells how,

For a polite, middle-class white person, saying the name “Shaneequa” is as terrifying as invoking the name of the devil on a dusty stretch of Arkansas highway. You say it and look around to see if anyone heard. The fear that somehow you’re casting aspersions on black America is suddenly right at the forefront of your thoughts. If you Google names like “Laquisha,” you’ll find them on lists of “ghetto names,” and you just said it and that means you think black people are from the ghetto. You racist.

The powers that be have White people, almost half of America, walking on eggshells.  

Well my White sister or brother, you are not alone.  If you google the term “I’m afraid I’m a racist” you will discover that there are others that feel the same.  Some of them even felt bad enough about it to pose the question to places like Yahoo answers.  Some of them aren’t even White.  

The thing you probably don’t know, the thing that probably wasn’t discussed in any of your high school or university courses and rarely in a newspaper or on television, is that racial feelings, acknowledgement of racial differences and even a preference for your own race is perfectly natural.

Dutch psychologist Carsten K.W. De Dreu has found that oxytocin, the so-called “love hormone” that drives mothers to bond with their newborns and may play a role in romantic love, also has the effect of making people increase their contributions to their in-group (their ethnic or racial group) but does not cause a difference in their treatment of out-groups. 

This normal and natural phenomena actually helped various primitive groups survive.  Darwin talked about this.  Primitive societies in which members were co-operative and had a high level of altruism towards one another were more likely to survive.  

So there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The question arises.  Do we still need this racial awareness and even preference for our own race?  I believe we do.  It is the reason I decided to be a White Nationalist.  

I realized that by his own admission, our very president of the United States is anti-White. His policies confirm his words.  Almost the entire leadership of the US Government, regardless of their campaign promises, continue to pass anti-White laws like “hate speech” laws that only apply to White people.  Our last White president said Mexicans do the jobs Americans won’t do.  MADDENING.  

So I decided that even though people may hate me for it, SOMEONE had to stick up for White people.  (Thankfully, I have found others who feel the same way so I don’t have to shoulder the burden alone)

Does this mean I’m a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews?  Ha!  Do I want to own slaves?  of course not!

What I am is a woman who sees the future of White people getting worse and worse.  I don’t want my dear children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (or yours either, if you’re White) to live in this world as a hated minority.  

So sue me for loving my own kids.  Don’t you love yours?

Sue me for loving my brothers and sisters and my parents.  Sue me for loving my cousins and aunts and uncles and their kids.  Sue me for loving my friends and their families.  In short, sue me for loving my people.  I’m certainly not ashamed of it.

I hope this little post helps some of you come to terms with a part of yourself that is perfectly normal.  Comment if you dare!





14 thoughts on “I’m Afraid I’m a Racist

    1. Rommel

      “…, if you’re White) to live in this world as a hated minority.”

      You mean what whites did to every single other race on the planet?

      What’s so scary about the tables turning?

  1. Skeeter

    Nice post. Yup, it took me a long time, but I came around, despite my parents’ best efforts to raise me anti-racist. We were friends with a black family when I was growing up, and interestingly, the older brother of the black family ended up marrying a white woman and strangling her to death during a cocaine-fueled rage while she was pregnant. He became a poster boy for the dangers of mudsharking to white women. Last I heard, he was doing 20 years — some childhood friend that was! Anyway, I don’t know what that has to do with overcoming the fear of being racist, so I’ll just say we need to reach out to white folks who we see are just starting to figure out they’ve been fed a pack of lies their whole lives about race relations and basically tell them, “You’re not wrong, you’re not crazy, you’re not evil and, most importantly, you’re not alone.”

      1. Skeeter

        Thanks for the tip, VB. Nice blog you’ve got over there, too. One of those years, maybe I’ll get mine up and running. Yes, gaslighting is a damn apt description for what YKW and the colored folks have been doing to us, especially for the last 50 years: acting they have committed PRARM (my handy talking point) against us and thus acting they can’t understand why we may have a beef with them or, at the very least, want separation from them. The anger of angry whites is fully understandable and justifiable, but that argument’s considered inadmissible in the court of public opinion and respectable society. . . . Uh, so screw respectable society!

        PRARM = Parasitism, Robbery, Assault, Rape and Murder, the list of regular crimes being committed against our people in ascending order of magnitude. Then you can add to that the constant threat of all the above.

  2. vikingbitch

    Meant to make a comment yesterday….anyway, the research you cite here on oxytocin is fascinating.

    As an extended breastfeeding mom, I can tell you from experience that I have always gotten the dirtiest looks and meanest comments from black people about breastfeeding. It is as if they do not want white women and children bonded. Heavens, if white moms bond with their kids, it may mean they will be less apt to work and be tax slaves for Amurkistan

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Hmmm Dirty looks huh? I’ll bet they were thinking. “She thinks she’s better than us.” She should use baby formula like everyone else.”

      I applaud you breastfeeding and you should do it as long as you and your child want.

      1. Harley

        Do you think that’s good advice in areas where the G’s are roaming around? I don’t; I think it raises the risks of being attacked, and that some practical common sense needs to be applied if you can’t get out of an area with haters in it.

    2. Harley

      VB, sometimes the dirty looks are because of how rigid blacks, especially older ones, can be on the issue. In some instances they’d be as disapproving of a black woman breastfeeding an older baby. Sometimes it’s probably racism too.

      I’ve known of two blonde pregnant moms who were punched in their stomachs by young black youths, and have always assumed the oxytocin that normally causes people to become less angry around pregnant women does the opposite in some very sick and racist black men; it only makes them more hateful.

      1. Skeeter

        It could also be that the blacks are flaunting they’re colored privilege by voicing disapproval of public breastfeeding — their way of showing they don’t have to abide by all this PC crap (as they may see it) that white society does. A white person who says anything against public breastfeeding, merits of it aside, would probably be called ignorant and told to shut up. Not so with negroes.

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