Girls Against Boys

Hipster Racist

“WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. As of September 2013, version 3.6 had been downloaded more than 6 million times.”

“All the genres of philosophy, science, high art, athletics, and politics were invented by men. If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts. One of feminism’s irritating reflexes is its fashionable disdain for “patriarchal society,” to which nothing good is ever attributed. But it is patriarchal society that has freed me as a woman. It is capitalism that has given me the leisure to sit at this desk writing this book.

Let us stop being small-minded about men and freely acknowledge what treasures their obsessiveness has poured into culture. We could make an epic catalog of male achievements, from paved roads, indoor plumbing, and washing machines to eyeglasses, antibiotics, and…

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41 thoughts on “Girls Against Boys

  1. Hipster Racist


    I figured you would like that quote from Paglia. She’s a feminist, but an iconoclast. The “regular” feminists don’t seem to like her very much, cause, you know, she likes men.

    BTW, I have divorced myself from “eradica” completely. I no longer trust Firepower or any of that crowd at all. I posted three articles on their site that I am trying to replace. I think I got suckered. Don’t trust them one inch anymore.

      1. Hipster Racist

        “Ryu” is a woman, btw. Don’t let the profile picture of Leonardo DeCaprio fool you.

        Just read her comments and articles. It’s obvious she writes like a woman.

        We’re being suckered here.

        I wouldn’t care except that eracida is an FBI false front, the best I can tell. Wankers talking about how mass shootings are “good.”

        Damn, how did I get suckered into this Firepower shit? I’m so embarrassed. It’s like WN 1.0 all over again.

        My fault – I admit it. My bad.

      2. Pat Hannagan

        Ryu is a woman?! I’m gonna have to re-read him (her?) with that in mind.

        Ryu’s been around for a long time, as has Firepower, HR.

        Ryu is just a shut in with not much going on in life. Ffs, how can one man (woman?) watch so many movies and youtube clips and still claim to be the embodiment of self-improvement? It defies credibility. He (she?) must spend at least 8 hours per day just zombying from one vid to another: “it’ll only cost you 45 minutes” as Ryu likes to say. Except that that 45 minutes segues into another, and another, and another, and….

        Firepower had some sort of notoriety from commenting at Roissy’s old blog. Several commenters there went on to make their own blogs, like Ferdinand with IMF, Piggy and several others. I doubt he’s FBI though I agree he sure comes across like it. He’s probably just a jew. He did a poll on the subject at his blog and over 200 respondents reckoned he was 100% kike, 13 thought he was simply deranged.

        He’s either jew or a very stupid arab suffering from PTSD after being raped by a roaming horde of wild camels whilst on R&R from pole dancing for the marines. His military knowledge comes from hanging out at U.S. bases trying to pickup quick fucks for bucks to pay for his upcoming transgender operation. He’s fully committed on that score. That and how much he hates Jordies. Well, who could blame him after all the beatings about the ring he’s surely taken over several tours of his mudflaps by innumerable ex-Eagle Scouts.

        Btw, you are correct to question the legitimacy of most of his commenters. Many are sock-puppets.

        Btw, btw, you should ask him about his phone-sex relationship with Sofia. He’s the only jew, possible arab, definitely transgender White Nationalist to hate White people with a vengeance and engage in a sexual relationship with an incredibly ugly dot-Indian.

        Btw, btw, btw, Firepower *really* does think that big name writers trawl his blog and internet career stealing his ideas. Seriously.

        Anyway, please stick it to Ryu and Firepower. This I’m gonna enjoy 🙂

  2. Hipster Racist

    I am 90% certain that Ryu is a woman, from the way she writes. She’s super-sharp.

    But Firepower is a wanker, an online “tough guy” bullshitting about shooting people and Red Dawn militia fantasies. Some f*ggot who can’t distinguish his game of Risk from real life.

    The real tip-off? Firepower’s dumb ass idea that the elites are living in Manhattan because it’s “defensible” from … what exactly?

    Seriously – consider that idea. I lived in Manhattan. The idea that it’s an island, so therefore defensible in some Civil War … that’s the gayest ass shit I’ve ever read. I suspect he’s getting his ideas from playing the Civilization video game. (Hint: it’s called a greenbelt and it’s like Econ 102. It’s economic, not military.)

    Firepower is an online tough guy, good at snark insults and not much else. Notice that it’s “Firepower” as opposed to “Brainpower.” He shows a fundamental unseriousness.

    I’m a huge supporter of the Second Amendment, the gun culture, and having all white people armed. But real men who are in the gun culture don’t jerk-off online about who they are going to shoot. Who does that? FBI. Or hasbara trolls. Or posers.

    I doubt Firepower’s ever even been in the military. Plus, he’s in England, right? They don’t even have guns there. So, he’s probably just getting off on his fantasy of Red Dawn.

    GAY. Poser.

    Whatever, I’m done playing with that phoney moron.

  3. Harley

    Paglia can be taken down in one sentence; she writes a dense tome explaining how women do not contribute to culture.

    Hello? She’s a woman, so we shouldn’t listen to a word she says. And if you buy her she’s neither male nor female act, I guess that at least makes you pro-trans.

  4. Pat Hannagan

    She’s super-sharp.

    I’m fascinated by this conclusion. What is it about Ryu’s posts and comments that make you draw the conclusion that she’s intelligent?

    Be a Raider.
    by Ryu

    Firepower mentioned recently how he decided to become a raider after watching a survivalist reality show. The lightning bolt struck me as well. The inspiration struck me after reading an AAR or after action report.

    That opening is pure Ryu, and pure hilarity. Doesn’t it make you lolz for real? They’re “raiders” because they saw it on some reality TV show, ha ha ha, fark me those “Eradican” boys and girls crack me up constantly.

    Once you separate yourself from it, HR, you’ll see that blog for the pure daily comical outpouring it is. And all if it deadly serious! That’s what’s so beautiful about it.

    1. Hipster Racist

      Ryu has written some very insightful comments on espionage, interrogation tactics, and she’s excellent at asking leading questions and stroking a man’s ego.

      I had only read like two articles on eradica when they invited me to post. FP just kept getting worse and worse until, likely under another of his handles, he’s saying we should support mass shootings and virtually calling for terrorism. Not only does that make the whole movement look bad – it’s a freaking felony. I freaked the hell out. It’s not edgy or controversial, it’s – at best – tough guy posturing. I don’t want to be in any way associated with that nonsense.

      He’s probably just a wanker. I feel like an idiot for falling for his bs. I barely ever read his articles anyway.

      There was a guy “mark” who used to troll TheOccidentalObserver blogs, suggesting terrorism and illegal actions. His most ridiculous, that white people should start forest fires to bring down the government.

      I’m just a white guy with a blog that’s mostly comedy making fun of the anti-whites. I don’t hold myself out to be any sort of leader of any movement. I’m sure as hell not going to be a “fighter” in the imaginary war going on in FP’s head.

      1. Pat Hannagan

        No no no! Ryu is pure, unadulterated, idiot. He’s been posting the same monosyllabic sentences for what seems a decade (probably about 3 to 5 years).

        He flits from one flight of fancy to another, like a prepubescent boy on speed. One minute he’s gonna build a rocket ship and fly it to mars, next he’s gonna be quarterback for the Redskins. The only consistency he’s ever shown is writing dreary, metronomic posts about the latest youtube clip he’s watched (remember when he went through the Charles Manson phase? Man, what a hoot!), the other being his need for a dominant male to take him under his wing and direct him.

        Have you noticed the way Ryu will write some post that’s supposed to be motivational (he thinks he’s motivational), tick off some bleeding obvious points, and then Firepower will contradict him in comments, berate him even (well, that’s the gist, FP’s writing is more feeling and emotion than anything comprehensible) and then, Ryu rolls over and asks for further direction!

        What happened to WN Think Tank? Ryu is a blog vagabond searching for his real Dad. “Is that you Dad? Are you my real Dad?” you can almost hear pleadingly him say. For fuck’s sake; even Vikings Riding Werewolves have bigger gonads and sense of self-reliance than Ryu.

        Did you know Ryu is the name of a Japanese cartoon character?

      2. Pat Hannagan

        You should do a monthly round up post of Eradica’s posts, HR. I’d really enjoy commenting on something like that. I’d even be prepared to do guest posts on it.

        FP would love it too. As you know, the fella is desperate for links, even though his blog is about not blogging. Remember that? He started his blog to blog about the futility of blogging. Hoooo hoooo hooo, ya gotta love it 🙂

        Man, Firepower is one petulant beast. Punted from blog after blog, banned from comments everywhere due to his ridiculous unscannable syntax and pretend rhyme and rhythm. The man’s had more fallings out than a fag after a mardi gras fisting fest.

        And, rather than up his game, he instead is *still* fixated on Roissy, Ferdinand, Piggy et al for having the temerity to get sick of his inanity. Once he got that editorial control (what’s with the https?) there was no stopping the bitterness. What’s with the editing comments, deleting them or rewriting them? Talk about irony. Or is that hypocrisy? The man’s got more chutzpah than Abe Foxman at his finest, which oughta tell you something: Firepower is 100% through and through…kike.

        Just what that perennial doofus Ryu needs. A kike to lead him around by the nose, lolza.

      3. Pat Hannagan

        Remember when Firepower did that post where he summed up the Mid-East and he confused Sunni with Shia? Lolz.

        Geez we had some fun in those comments. Sadly, he deleted the whole thing. I put some good tunes in there too.

      4. Pat Hannagan

        September 21, 2013 at 1:28 pm

        I think my new area of interest is how to loot and how to raid.

        Dear Saint John Paul II, pray for us.

  5. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen

    Well I have heard Ryu on a radio program and on the phone. He sounds like a guy to me.

    I think he’s very smart and a good person. He is in school and works at a job. He spends his free time trying to learn more from the VAST amount of free information available on the internet. I wish I had his dedication.

    Firepower…an idiot. I hope I haven’t appeared to agree with any felonious things he has suggested at his site. Maureen Martin being my real name and all…HAHAHAHA!

    1. Hipster Racist


      I guess you’re right. Either way, Ryu is obviously intelligent and interesting. Hell, I actually think FP is pretty funny usually. You never can tell online. I have always and will always maintain: Hipster Racist is a fictional character. There is no reason to believe a word I say.

      It’s just a big joke to me. I like making fun of the anti-whites.

  6. Pat Hannagan

    Hipster Racist
    September 24, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    Sure, I’m a hothead and a loudmouth. I write a comedy blog. The difference is, I *know* that I’m writing comedy.

    Why do you try to justify yourself?

    1. Pat Hannagan

      September 25, 2013 at 12:25 pm

      Ahhh…so that’s what you call it.

      You relegate yourself to the clown role and nobody takes you serious
      Because your strange routine is akin to Gigli, Andy Kaufman – or that Joaquin Phoenix movie weirdness “I’m Still Here.”

      Fp is writing about himself here. He’s feeding upon your insecurity. The very same insecurity that drives himself to continue.

      You have an opportunity here to stare down the voice of defeat and move on to victory, or stay with the foul stench of envious ennui.

    2. Hipster Racist


      I think you are greatly overestimating how much I care.

      So you had me curious, I went over there, Ryu’s latest is how much she loves Timothy McVeigh and how we should all be like Al Qaeda.

      Pure wankery of the worst kind. Ryu used to comment on every one of my posts. Now that I’ve rejected the cult, let’s see if she shows up again.

      1. Pat Hannagan

        Ryu’s role seems to be that of an augur to Firepower’s oracular gibberish. Ryu interprets the sibyl:

        Firepower likes to ask readers if they could find just one person in real life they could discuss their activism with.

        I’ve been reading Firepower for years now and I’ve never heard him expressly ask that question.

        Ryu’s latest is how much she loves Timothy McVeigh and how we should all be like Al Qaeda. Yeah, yeah, that’s just Ryu getting his bone on for the day. Do you think it’s possible that serious race patriots with a genuine cause to advance would go about using cartoon characters for names?

        The basic premises of the blog Eradica can be summed up: 1) Petulant outrage at bloggers who have banned Firepower in the past, 2) hatred of all things typically White, 3) abuse of underprivileged Whites, 4) love of all things Talmudic. Ryu is there to prop up Firepower’s ego.

        Like I said, I would dearly love to understand what it is about Ryu that people find intelligent. You should listen to that Robert Stark interview with Ryu that Maureen mentioned. What a pair of morons.

        If I was to create a cartoon based on Firepower and Ryu it’d go something like this:

  7. Pat Hannagan

    Btw, Maureen, recalling you responding to someone at Eradica who slagged you off about your blog stats (was it Firepower?), you can easily verify most wordpress blog stats at

    Just put in the site url in the search option. You will see that Hipster Racist is on a par to slightly ahead with Eradica. Eradica’s stats are abysmal given how long they’ve been going, and the fact that there are multiple posters, which necessarily inflates the stats giving a false indication of actual readership.

    You’re actually not going too bad given that your blog is fairly new and it’s a solo effort.

    If you want to extend your audience and spread your message to actual and real White people you’d be better off commenting at sites with huge readerships like Matt Forney, Piggy, Heartiste etc. Getting linked by a mainstream blog would be excellent though few can handle the spotlight. That’s where you’ve gotta give it to Ferdinand/Matt Forney who is constantly under the pump from SPLC and the like. And why you should also shun those at Eradica who constantly seek to undermine any White man or woman going about what’s good for Whites. That fact is why most WNs do not trust Eradica and see it as a likely NSA or IDF setup. Hipster Racist and Conchobar are wise to have left that site as they are up to no good for White people.

    You should steer clear of Ryu. As stupid as he is he is simply bad news and not to be trusted.

  8. weird

    Pat I appreciate your input but frankly, being linked with Roissy etc. would bring a lot of garbage to my site and I would have to moderate it. Even this thread which is simply a reblog, ended up with tons of comments irrelevant to the original post. I don’t have the stomach to deal with that nonsense day in and day out. I would prefer having only 10 readers a day that will be encouraged and will actually do something (start or move to a PLE, infiltrate an enemy’s organization, etc) than 500 readers posting nonsense and gossip like a bunch of weirdos. No offense. I’m actually probably going to delete this entire post so if you have any final comments go ahead and make them so we can be done with this.

    1. Pat Hannagan

      Each to their own, Maureen. It would be better if people such as yourself and those at Eradica disassociate yourselves from online WN. You do incredible amounts of damage to the integrity of this nascent movement. But, perhaps that is your goal, as it is of those at Eradica.

      I would prefer having only 10 readers a day that will be encouraged and will actually do something (start or move to a PLE, infiltrate an enemy’s organization, etc) than 500 readers posting nonsense and gossip like a bunch of weirdos.

      This is the same sort of lazy excuse making that Ryu spouts. You write in a similar style to him as well, incidentally.

      Anyway, all the best, delete away, I could not care any less than I already don’t.

      1. Pat Hannagan

        How did democracy enter our discussion? If you want to delete, then delete. Your reasons for doing so, though, don’t compute:

        I don’t have the stomach to deal with that nonsense day in and day out.

        What’s to stomach? You aren’t moderating so it’s no chore, and you certainly don’t have to read the comments. See, you’re simply making excuses for your ineptitude.

        You could build an online presence advocating on behalf of White people but you choose not to and instead run about in small internet circles of “has beens that never were”, polishing up this excuse with high falutin nonsense about “I would prefer having only 10 readers a day that will be encouraged and will actually do something (start or move to a PLE, infiltrate an enemy’s organization, etc) “.

        Apparently you think blog stats are more important than real progress.

        Nothing I have said indicates that conclusion. Disagree all you want and I still won’t know who you are arguing with.

        First you should define “real progress”. The fact that you are blogging publicly indicates that you desire a public readership. Why else would you publicly blog? Stats are an indication of the extent of that readership, therefore stats are relevant to the “real progress” of a blog. Ryu didn’t get that either and I had to point out the revelation to him that he was blogging at a blog that was opposed to blogging. I think you must associate with Ryu far more than you are letting on.

        But, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and ask, what is your goal? By that we can measure your “real progress”. If it isn’t increasing your readership, and thus your cause, then I suggest that publicly blogging is not the correct option for whatever your goal is. Up to you whether you want to state what your goal is and how blogging fits in with it.

      2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

        My goal is to encourage White Nationalists to take action. The type of action that they take is up to them.

        I often felt depressed reading the news and jews sites so I am trying to create something more upbeat. I am trying to report on good WN stuff that is happening throughout the world so that people will want to do more. I post other things too of course.

        Honestly Pat, I write A Street as much for me as for anyone else. Some people will like it and some people won’t. In real life, I’m trying to build a business and enjoy relationships with family and friends and blogging isn’t my top priority although I like reading blogs very much.

        I hope this satisfies your curiosity. I don’t think I’m doing any harm and potentially some good could come out of my blogging. Wouldn’t you agree?

      3. Pat Hannagan

        Good goals, very worthwhile. No, you won’t do much damage to whatever minimal online presence there is for WN.

        I see you’ve got the “news and jews” patter from Ryu. What are the news & jews sites you both deplore? I’m very interested to know what these sites are.

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