More Mudshark Madness

So a friend’s sister married a negro.

The negro was a “pastor” of a church.  The couple spawned 4 offspring.  THEN then negro’s brother went on a rampage and killed the mother of his two offspring.  Soooo my friend’s sister and her pastor husband adopted the offspring.

All along I have been hearing that the sister and the pastor had a great relationship.  It turns out though that it was all an act.

They had “passion” meaning jealous rages, distrust and violence.  The negro has been violent to his wife and the kids.  Now although there are 6 young children in the home he insists that my friend’s sister work full time (even though he makes decent money) and he will not help her with the kids (2 of which belonged to his murdering brother) or the housework.  Oh and the pastoring thing didn’t work out so he’s not very Christian leaning anymore.

If I were my friend I would be VERY worried about my sister.

I just learned this yesterday.  I will keep this in mind when I see smug, sometimes pretty White women parading around with their mud-boyfriends.  They often look happy and like I said SMUG.  They are like, look at me!

I’ll bet a lot of times, those smug faces are covering a world of disillusionment and maybe more.  It must be hard to admit you f-ed up.  I DO feel sorry for these women.  They have been told from birth that we are ALL THE SAME.  I used to think that too until I had to spend time with real Blacks rather than the tv version Blacks.  Most of them will have to go through a lot of horrible things to learn the truth.  Some won’t make it out alive.

A pox on you evil social engineers, White genociders.  May you suffer the very fate you wish on us.

Read about my friend’s mudshark former client here.


2 thoughts on “More Mudshark Madness

  1. Ryu

    We know what’s probably going to happen. We can’t do anything until she’s ready to listen. By then, it will probably be too late. You’ll just have to anticipate what will occur, then plan for how she might be willing to learn.


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