Delicious Irony with Tim Wise

tim wise

The anti-racists always say that we racists will be eaten up by our own “hate”.

HA!  Tiny Tim Wise lost his cool with his non-White fan base!  Why you may ask?  Because they have noticed his Jewish Privilege.  They have finally caught on that his anti-racist rhetoric gets published more that theirs does and that he gets all the plumb speaking engagements and makes all the money.  BAD TIMMY!

Even funnier though, Tiny Tim didn’t offer to share his privileged wealth with the non-White anti-racists.  Instead, sounding like a freaking CONSERVATIVE, he said his success comes from hard work.


You’re killing me.

What a week!

More details about Tim Wisenstein’s hypocrisy here.


8 thoughts on “Delicious Irony with Tim Wise

      1. Hipster Racist

        Oh, I will admit it. I basically p*ssed myself laughing at the Negro Contingent calling out Timmy Weiss on his “White Privilege.”

        This sh*t is better than a ball game to me. “Lizard” is right! LOL. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

  1. vikingbitch

    Tim Wise is a racist and so are his followers. As you state, racists get eaten up by their own hate. Whites would do well by just disengaging from this whole Multicult clusterf$&k and just let the various ‘tolerant’ cultures go at it

  2. Ryu

    Well, well. That’s an interesting thing for him to say. Hard earned white guilt money. He’s pretty greedy. I’d bet he’d make some noise if his pie got reduced.

  3. Harley

    I’d like to know why, when debating Wise, people like Jared Taylor and Matt Heimbach don’t challenge Wise about his supposedly indistinguishable status as a jew ‘while catching a cab,’ etc.

    Wow. Try walking down the streets of DC with european blonde or red hair and then get back to me. Nordic women who are light haired generally get attacked while jewish women simply walk on by…the hate crime murder rate of these nordic women (most especially blondes and redheads) compared to that of jewish women…hmm….there’s practically none to compare…

    We need some women leaders in this movement, plain and simple.


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