Swedes have a Kick-Ass Rally in Stockholm!


Hat tip to Viking Bitch who informed us about this on her blog and the CCofC who is always on top of important news.

250 Swedes came out to defend their right to be Swedish and calling for an end to third world immigration into Sweden.  I’m sure this was a response to the Swedish government inviting Syrians to move into the county last week.  From the CCofC article last week:

Sweden has a population that is less than 10 million, of which less than 8 million are Swedes. However, they have invited a nation of nearly 21 million Arabs to move in. That means Sweden is offering asylum to almost three Arabs for every one of it’s native Swedes.

Long live the beautiful, peace-loving Swedes.  Some of the finest people to be found anywhere!

Hail the Proud Svenskarnas Parti!!! (The Swedish Party!)


8 thoughts on “Swedes have a Kick-Ass Rally in Stockholm!

  1. vikingbitch

    Let’s face it, this is the Crusades all over again. The Nords and the Euros are people who just want / wanted to be left alone. They traversed to and settled in lands that would normally uninhabitable. Unfortunately, the innate aggressions from the mud and sand people will never cease. Live and left live is not their motto. The Heebz, Moors, and Muzzies are the true slave traders of the world yet the Zios have tried to pin that on the white man.

    Sorry, no dice there Zios!

  2. Hipster Racist

    Maureen, I have a project for you:


    I randomly linked her blog on one of my articles and she showed up and went round and round about a few things. I thought she was a college sophomore, but now I think she’s actually a high school sophomore, in which case, she’s far too young for me to engage.

    But perfect for you. I assume she’s white. She’s obviously super smart, she writes very well, and she’s being led down the primrose path of liberalism and feminism. She’s worth saving. You can save her. You and your network of Aryan Women need to rescue this decent seeming young woman before the enemy gets her.

    1. Harley

      I am a proud White woman, a fairhaired northwestern european. What is your problem with feminism? Do you really think all of it is evil?

      The odd part about my devotion to my tribe given my defiant Whiteness is that it partially stems from a love of the way they treat women compared to most of the rest of the world. The strongest women came out of the native european people. Men and women walked in the greatest peace there.

      Be careful of attacking and ghettoizing all feminists. Diversity Cult hates White women so much and so often use misogyny to accomplish their Blonde Gynocide, that to indulge their misogyny, only applied as they wield it to White women, is to enable and even promote White women’s, and their whole tribe’s, genocide and subjugation.

  3. Ryu

    I think you should save her HR. You know PU. She’ll respond better to male leadership.

    Ignore all that crap she’s writing and speak to the woman inside. It’s emotion that matters, not the intellect.

    1. Hipster Racist

      No way, if she’s a high school sophomore, how old is that, 16? HR has a very strict age requirement; you must be at least 21 to ride. I can’t stop her from following my blog and liking certain posts, but it just wouldn’t be appropriate to engage her.


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