They Don’t Want Us To Know Each Other

We can learn from the past. Also, check the great comments!

Deconstructing Leftism

Hat tip to Steve Sailer, here’s an article by Cass Sunstein on a study that suggests civil associations in Germany helped the rise to power of the Nazis. “Could bowling leagues and the PTA breed Nazis?” he asks breathlessly.

Because of course as far as Sunstein is concerned, the only thing that matters is if you might become a Nazi. If joining a bowling league leads to camaraderie among non-elite whites, and potentially political and social solidarity, then that’s it, no bowling leagues. We can’t have the slaves whispering to each other around the water barrel, can we?

I think we ought to piss them off and hang out together.

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4 thoughts on “They Don’t Want Us To Know Each Other

  1. vikingbitch

    Of course they do not want white people gathering, especially white Americans because then ( gasp!) we may have a sense of community and uh, oh, start comparing notes on what the Cult of Diversity is doing to white American citizens. Then we may actually organize action. They are monitoring our blogs and emails. Our reaction should not be one of fear as their reaction to try to keep us from organizing is out of fear. We keep chipping away at the walls of lies

  2. Wally D.

    People like Cass Sunstein want a Bolshevik Commisaar present every time 2 white people gather, to monitor their every word, lest something anti-Semitic be uttered. Their god is a jealous and very insecure god.


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