From and article entitled “WN is About Becoming Something” at Eradica

To win at anything in this life, you have to use your strengths against the other guy’s weaknesses. More than just accumulating a pile of facts, you need to think about how these facts fit into you. Everything has to be personalized.

I feel that many WNs have neglected the “show” or presentation portions of WN. In real life activism, this is critical. Hitler was a master of it. His talks were events, experiences, not just a recitation of the facts. Everything at one of Hitler’s speech was calculated in advance: how he dressed, how he walked in, his hair, who prepped the audience.

This aspect alone explains why he was the greatest white man in history. You are seeing him, the best he has, giving the audience what they crave. He gave people what they needed, while remaining at all times himself. Words fail to express how rare a thing that is.

I can attest to this. I have seen White Nationalists treat our fight for survival like a hobby or worse, like a debate team or even an excuse to drink. Personally, I have been guilty at times of flitting from project to project without really giving any of them the proper amount of effort.

We don’t yet have the luxury of being paid for our efforts but that’s all the more reason to treat our White Nationalist activities, whatever they are, with a high degree of professionalism. It’s the least we can do.


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