Future WN Goals

Ryu is one of my favorite White Nationalist writers. Here’s one of his gems.


My REALISTIC WN goals are changing quite a bit. What madness to speak of nations or even states when we can’t speak in public yet.

My simple goal is to assist 5 WNs in the next 10 years to get a well paying, career with advancement opportunities. A job with a future, with REAL pay increases that will allow one to buy a house, take a wife and have vacations.
Not this 2% raise a year BS. The tendancy as one gets older is always to want more, to get more stuff.

Large portions of WN have been affected by survivalism. The survivalists of today grease-cycle the survivalism of the past. The field has not advanced since the 1980s, there are just more rubes about today. Uncle Beast will borrow and tax as he kicks the can down the road. He’ll be able to do that for a long time…

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7 thoughts on “Future WN Goals

  1. All white

    You sound gloomy here a bit. Look what’s happening all over this country; now even the five western counties of Maryland have a secession movement going. I don’t know about totally White Nationalist, but I think serious clashes of agendas and various resultant concrete frictions and even chaos will be exploding right about now. Things are blowing up, and while it’s scary in a way there’s a validation in it. I”ve lived a life of fighting every day in the most base level way to survive as a White woman in this country, particularly in majorities of jews, italians, blacks and in some milieu hispanics. It’s pretty much impossible in the lower working class to survive as a fair White woman. They system is designed for you not to.

    So, the inevitable clash that the larger dynamics at work brings comes to me with some odd relief. Yet I’m not sure of where to go really in it all.

    More and more I think the Whites who really want a country that respects their basic rights will have to form settlements and start resisting, create more independent trade and economic systems amongst themselves, etc. I don’t really see another way that will forge liberation.

    And I don’t see this climaxing even five years down the road. I think it will happen sooner, and in fact, already is in some ways.

  2. Pat Hannagan

    Hi Maureen,

    Just commenting to let you know your comments at Eradica are excellent, one of the few reasons I still read that blog.

    The links to Henry Makow’s writing re. porn, promiscuous sex and homosexuality were very interesting indeed. Maybe you should post about on that topic if you haven’t done so already.

    Good stuff, keep the fight up, mate.

  3. All white

    Do you like Henry? I lurk on there a bit, but not enough to really make solid conclusions. Have to say though that trying to separate elitist jews from judaism is tough. I think he collapses the spectrum of jews way too simply – into the elites and the rest as he calls them ‘dupes.’

    I don’t buy it, it’s not my experience of the jews at all…it’s not the truth of their creed. While some majority may not be ‘the elites’ per se, they are still elites in the system compared to most whites and further, judaism is their safety blanket. They always work as a group for their group interests in opposition to the other, in our country most directly in opposition to the european. One would be surprised to hang out with them and find that even those inhabiting a modest niche of the upper middle class still consider Ivy League education their birthright.

    The Chosen People are only so in their own minds. I grew up with them and will state this hear as many pro-sites try to quell expression of the truth about the jews. There is nothing smart about them as a group. Their IQ’s, SAT’s, etc. are not higher than the europeans’. They are ‘smarter’ and more cunning though, in the way they go about rigging the system so that they appear to be ‘smarter,’ and if you’re a shiksa with an IQ into the 140’s on either side of the brain, or if you could score over 1450 on the SAT’s before the 1995 re-norming of them, watch out. I lived amongst a majority of them and they resort to overt and base violence when their cunning politicking doesn’t propel them into these categories.

    I do not mean to sound like an intellectual snob here, but it’s the truth about them. The genius of the ashkenazi jew is the rape of the native european woman, mark my words on that.

  4. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

    I learned a lot from Henry Makow on my path to becoming a White Nationalist. My BIG problem with him is he has promoted race mixing NUMEROUS times. I have emailed him about it too more than once.

    He’s probably making a decent amount of money through that site so he posts a little bit of this and a little bit of that so as to appeal to a lot of readers/buyers.


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