WNs love to complain about miscegenation. OKCupid, the dating site, releases their statistics on a regular basis and writes about them, it’s a great insight into the modern dating culture. White women are the most racially exclusive of any group; no matter what their profiles actually say, they only respond to white men. White men are the second most racially exclusive group.

Everyone is ignoring the reality and following around the show; the circus, which is exactly why the mass media exists in the first place. The only real political issue there is is immigration; good luck with that as the ruling elites of both parties are dedicated to it.

When it comes to race, whites are in a far, far better position than WNs realize, it’s just they are still trying to get it through their heads that the TV – and internet commenters – do not reflect real life. The professional anti-whites, especially the YKWs, troll for fun, trying to convince people that there is an anti-white consensus. But it’s fake, it’s an inch deep, and it goes by the wayside the second there is a serious crisis, like your peak oil.

If it ever comes to that, the people who have organized their local community, produce their own food, and saved up resources like the Mormons – those people become the new power brokers, they become the new mayors and the new county commissioners. Those who haven’t fall into line and take orders, or they starve or get kicked out.

In some ways I see it as a win/win.


Hipster Racist  His racial articles are TOP NOTCH!


6 thoughts on “UPLIFTING QUOTE

  1. vikingbitch


    As a white woman with a butt, blonde hair, and blue eyes, I get hit in by black guys. I used to anyhow until I had kids, who look like little Vikings. When black people see me with my kids, they realize that I passed on the purple penis so to speak. Now I get scowls from Black people.

    Oh well


    I agree. People who post comments on the internet really aren’t an accurate representation of the real world. A lot of people will say feel good faggot things but will only admit that there are exceptions when you catch them in the act. There was this girl at my high school that I used to call racist even though I had no grounds to call her one. I did it because she claimed to not be a racist and I know everyone is racist to some degree. It was funny because it bugged the shit out of her. Then one day her boyfriend was pissing her off. The insult she used against him? Nigger. LOL.

    There is a quote that that is three or four sentences long that I can’t remember but could be summed up to “Don’t compare your behind the scenes to someones highlight reel.” The internet is a platform that allows liberal/marxist highlight reels to be distributed far and wide.

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