Movie Review – Jobs


Gregory Hood, who is fast becoming a favorite author of mine, wrote this excellent review of the movie Jobs.

My favorite peice of the article:

Jobs has many lessons to teach us. Traditionalists, in politics or art, need that messianic sense of mission that great businessmen like Jobs exemplify. More than that, they need the sense of practicality, economic hardheadedness, and willingness to do the technical grunt work that all great entrepreneurs possess.


However, what is also needed is something people like Jobs (or even Rand) only sensed dimly, a view that the “best within us” (as Rand would say) is dependent on forces ultimately outside ourselves. Wonderful inventions are less important than building a culture where they can be used for worthwhile purposes. Wealth, power, beauty, and accomplishment are usually wonderful things, to be praised and pursued. But if they are only used to build a world of stylishly dressed and expensively fed hipsters with nothing to say, then what good are they?




One thought on “Movie Review – Jobs

  1. vikingbitch

    The last sentence is so true. The guy who invented Facebook, and Facebook itself, is useless. Facebook is a shallow way of developing and maintaining relationships. It is narcissistic and makes people socially retarded.

    Oh yeah, it allows the Feds greater access to us.

    Life was simpler and had more value without social networks. Prior to the Internet, relationships were REAL.



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