Wow! New PLE in North Dakota

LEITHIt seems Craig Cobb has bought up a number of abandoned properties in Leith, North Dakota with the intention of starting a PLE (Pioneering Little Europe).

You will never guess who ALSO bought properties there in lil’ ole Leith. No less than Tom Metzger and Alex Linder!

I smell a true “movement” here.

Still, if I were starting a PLE, I would keep it out of the headlines as long as possible.

I wish Craig and the gang the best of success though.


Here’s the article the “reporters” are cutting and pasting.


13 thoughts on “Wow! New PLE in North Dakota

  1. vikingbitch

    Yes we do need a homeland. I am beginning to feel like a refugee in my own country. These turd worlders are not interested in assimilating – they want to impose their values on us.

    Barack Obama and the regime that put him into office are the pits. This country is coming undone. It is sad but at the same time the Aryan people will be free. We already are, but ZOG keeps trying to rein us in, which is pure evil. It is evil to try to squash us.

    We will survive the fall of the American Empire and then thrive. We must obtain a White homeland free of ZOG.

    White Mom in Va

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Thanks for posting VB. I must add, we do NOT want non-Whites assimilating with us because this leads to race-mixing, the outcome of which needs to the disappearance of Whites from the planet.

      Stick around and I will send you a message, as you mentioned.

  2. All white

    You guys use the term aryan. I pretty much fit the bill as 100% germanic celtic person, and look the part to the T, but have never felt comfortable with that descriptor. The Roma spoke an indo-aryan language yet they aren’t my race, and I always suspected that the jews liked to use the term so that they didn’t have to face that they came from the middle east. It seemed to me like they wanted a term to describe us in their world schema. It’s a language thing, is what they want to see it.

    We are the native tribes of Europe, plain and simple. We don’t include all indo-aryan language, or whatever it’s called. We are the native tribes of Europe. I won’t be named by a jew invader. No aryan here, just White, northwestern european, celt and german, and right back up in your semitic face (and everyone else’s).

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Hello Friend,

      Thanks for stopping by. I understand where you are coming from but the reason I chose to use the name Aryan for my blog is the same reason I sometimes say I’m a racist rather than say I’m a race realist or that I’m racially aware. By embracing the terms our enemy means to use in a negative way against us, the terms lose their sting, at least for me. I feel WNs are a bit mealy-mouthed sometimes when communicating our needs and I guess I don’t like that very much. We have nothing to be ashamed of!

      That said, I probably won’t change your mind on this topic but I do hope you’ll come by again for news on positive developments in our world.

  3. All white

    I come and check things out frequently and enjoy the lighthearted and tuned in but not depressive mood. I agree that pro-Whites are mealy-mouthed, and even repressive of other pro-Whites who serve the truth, and their own needs.

    No one will change my mind on the name thing, and even as I don’t have a more facile or even totally accurate replacement to offer, I still avoid it. Native european, or northwestern european works for me. Anglo celtic would be nice except that it really should be german or germanic as the angles were just one germanic tribe.

    And then, there’s the issue of how to include the other native european tribes like the slavs, who I definitely feel are white. Last, what on earth does an indo-euro do with the mediterraneans? They are southern europeans but so dominated in some ways by their north african ancestry that they don’t seem to really fit in. They certainly don’t experience the targeted genocide that we indo-euros do (indigenous is the word I’m shortening). And they’re cultural is profoundly different than that of the native europeans’. Much of the italian culture, at least southern and middle, harbors deep hostility towards us northerners. So that adds on a difficulty to it all.

    Do you mean to include the native european whites like the Poles, Ukrainians, Slavs (the larger family?) and Russians, etc. in your aryan-ness?

    I like the idea of having our own name, especially as a germanic celt, but one thing I feel strongly about is including the other native europeans. They look like us, their culture is different in some ways but still fundamentally native european, and I feel we need them.

    Any thoughts? I guess nomenclature is big to me as we get called so many names, and besides, within our own movement we need to do our best to unite and promote our liberation.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street

      Ya it’s a prickly problem. I guess I just hope that the people who are supposed to read my blog will get here. If they look through some of my posts they will see that I’m a big fan of Greek’s Golden Dawn and most of those folks would probably not be thought of as Aryan.

      This blog is mostly for me. Highlighting the good news helps me not to sink into despair as I was apt to do a couple of years ago. Calling it Aryan Street is my way of being a little naughty. Plus “European Street” doesn’t sound as cool.

      1. Denise

        “Aryan” means “noble”. Not strictly “Nordic”. The Golden Dawn are decidedly and truly Aryan. Bless you for reclaiming our true name.

  4. All white

    Sorry but I have to differ here with people. The Greeks are mediterraneans, and in that, different than the native europeans. Further, I’ve had to really think and face a problem: besides the fact that there are Whites who will sell out other Whites to the Diversity Cult that hates us, in general it’s not clear to me at all that middle and eastern europeans feel any loyalty whatsoever to us.

    Because the anglo or germanic celts, who are the Whites in America, are singled out specifically for hate crimes on a much higher rate than any other european or mediterraneans, I think we do need our own name, desperately. Anglo celtic women are being systematically murdered by blacks in this anglo celtic founded country. All groups have a special focus on us for their racism.

    So I say we simply claim the word White, as we truly are the Whites in every sense of the word. Perhaps the umbrella term can be European. But overall we Whites are singled out for murder, rape, and abuse at rates way higher than the other european ethnicities are.

    There is no safe space for us anglo celts anywhere in the country we founded and built. Nowhere for a White woman, which is ultimately what Diversity considers us, the true evil seed Whties. I say we need to own that term, and popularize european for the rest of the europeans. They are not us, do not have to carry the burdens we do (we make up some of the poorest swathes of caucasians in the country, our men carry the US miltiary, not italian, or greek, etc.and our women are targeted for Blonde Gynocide pretty much every week – the purposeful hate murdering and often rape of nordic women).

    We desperately need our own designation as we are a sub-race unto ourselves and are being exterminated systematically.

  5. All white

    I actually don’t have a body of work and just hang out on some blogs right now, although some want me to write stuff for them…
    I see you over on Vikingbitch’s

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      I’m going to tell you what a very wise man in the movement once told me. If you have criticisms of someone’s work (such as the name Aryan Street, for instance) it would be great if you can produce something better and more effective. I mean that in the nicest way. Come away from the sidelines and get in the game. We need all the help we can get. 🙂


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