Twitter Refuses to Cave In to Elite Jews

The Union of French Jewish Students (UEJF ) is suing Twitter because they refused a court order to divulge the identities of Jew Truthers (Known in the Jewish world as “anti-semites”.)

According The Jewish Chronicle Online, Twitter doesn’t have an office in France and so far Twitter has declined to follow the order. 

I must add though that sadly, Twitter is banning sites in Germany. 

Whelp, they are just going to drive people underground.  REALLY Jews, if you don’t want people to hate you, maybe you should try different tactics than suing people, putting them into jail etc. because they don’t like you.  If they don’t like you, there’s a reason.

I’m really trying to help you Jews.  This is a site for White people of European descent but Geez, I really wish we could settle this in a peaceful manner.  You know, where everyone wins, not you just you and your group???? 


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