White Babies

babyA young WN friend of mine called me last night and she said that she and her husband are expecting their third baby.  They are so happy, even though, on paper, they “can’t afford” more children. 

I “couldn’t afford” children either but now that they are all grown up, it turns out I could. 

She wishes she could do more for “the movement” but I told her she is doing enough right now by raising racially aware children.  They want to have 5!  She is going to homeschool them!

Life is good.


6 thoughts on “White Babies

  1. Ryu

    Probably the best way to serve the movement is to have kids and raise them properly. Yeah, she’ll have less time to read blogs but that’s for the better. Most of us read too much.

  2. scrapbkcathleen

    What a beautiful thing: to announce the coming birth of another gift from God into the community! Pray for a healthy baby and a safe delivery and arrival into the family home.


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