League of the South to Demonstrate Against Displacement

demo league-of-the-south-murfreesboroDisplacement is the wrong term but I’m glad to hear that these folks are coming out against anti-White policies.  The term is genocide.  We don’t have a place left to run to. 

Is the League of the South a pro-White group?  I would say this group is implicitly White.  That’s good enough for me as long as Jews aren’t running the thing.  Commenters please let me know if I’m missing anything. 

The demonstration will take place in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville Tennessee on October 12.  Please go the the website for more information. 



4 thoughts on “League of the South to Demonstrate Against Displacement

  1. Raymond Dunn

    They are not explicitly pro-white. They are not overrun by Jews either. The SPLC calls them a “Neo-Confederate hate group”. Their aim is more political than social. They honestly want a new confederacy independent of Washington. They tend to keep their focus on that and don’t typically mention black or Jewish problem so much as it would distract from their purpose. Their criticisms are aimed at Obama’s policies, the paradox of freedom vs government, and especially the federal reserve/irs corruption. So, they are not a pro-White group (publicly) but they are definitely on our side.

    I agree that genocide is the bigger issue, but a silent displacement has been taking place for the past 50 years in Atlanta. It became exponentially worse when Katrina graced our city with gangster scum that lead to what can only be described as open war. Gangsters from various factions were shooting each other in daylight. Whites have nothing to do with these petty squabbles, and certainly don’t want to life by it. The suburbs closer to Atlanta became overrun with crime and declination when section 8 promoted (and paid for) emptying out these high crime areas of town and moving families just outside the city. HUD bought up and redesignated a lot of homes after the 2008 housing bubble fiasco. In order to find a good neighborhood, you need to be at least 40 min from the city anymore. White families are faced with either moving to avoid crime or stay and watch their property values drop. It’s been happening all over the extended metro area. Like I said, genocide is the bigger issue, but we are definitely being subjected to displacement as well.

  2. Ryu

    Well, anyone against the current USG is useful to WN. Whether they have anything to do with whites is questionable. The South is infested by negros. The Southern racists are generally not as sophisticated as the West coast California WN. He just hates niggers.

    1. JODAFO

      “The Southern racists are generally not as sophisticated as the West Coast California WN.”

      The South has David Duke, Don Black, Council of Conservative Citizens, RAMZPAUL, Matthew Heimbach, Bob Whitaker, The Political Cesspool, The League of the South (Yes it is White Nationalist in nature, its like Greeks being Greek Nationalists). I don’t want to start some petty feud, but, your statement is false.


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