Email Campaigns Work!

wpfistYesterday, frequent commenter Cly from Mindweapons in Ragnarok encouraged us to contact Fox news and demand coverage of Black on White crime, INCLUDING gavel to gavel coverage of the trials. I wrote the following (borrowing liberally from her post, actually):

I cannot believe what a big fuss your news station made when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in self defense.  You bill your news program as being “Fair and Balanced”?
You barely gave coverage to the infant White child that was shot in the face by Black thugs.  Why is that?   If you are fair and balanced then give gavel to gavel coverage of the baby-killers’ trial just as was done in the Zimmerman case.  Other-wise it will become increasingly evident to your White audience (most of your viewers, I’ll remind you) that you are promoting an anti-White agenda.
I have watched with joy as Newsweek and other anti-White publications lost their readers and all their revenue because of THEIR anti-White agenda.  Readers and viewers have plenty of other options these days.
If you want to stay relevant, stop pandering to the agenda of hate against White Europeans and give us information that matters to us.
After I sent the email, I kind of forgot about it and went about my day.
3 1/2 hours later, I got a text from a Nationalist in Montana.  As far as I know, she didn’t know I had sent the email above.
Her text said simply:
OMG!   Just heard the term “anti-White” used by Fox News to describe comments made by a killer of a White person!
Now I KNOW I didn’t singlehandedly get Fox News to use the term Anti-White but I like to think I helped!  If anyone else from MWs site sent an email Thursday, please let me know!
This is a pretty big deal NOT because I need Fox News to recognize ANYTHING.  However, they have a huuuuuge audience so if we can get them using Mantra language, it is all to the good.
Help the cause!  Let Fox News know how you feel.

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