Mexican Calls Me a Pinche Güera Today

I was walking in a park in my city today and a youngish Mexican male on a bike rode by and whistled (not in a nice way) and called me a Pinche Güera.  Or to our ears Pin-chay Wett-ah.  According to the interwebs this basically means, fucking White/Blonde woman.

Call the hate police.  LOL!

I gave him the dirtiest look I could muster but that’s all I did because I was in the middle of my work day.  If I had gotten into some kind of altercation with the guy, it would have been bad for my business.  I have people who depend on me so I couldn’t get hung up with police etc.

Anywayyyyyyy, it is good.  This dumb Mexican doesn’t know I’m a White Nationalist who is taking notes.  I’m taking notes on how to secure a neighborhood for my people.  This was a good intimidation tactic he used.  Fortunately it is wasted on me.  I don’t intimidate that easily.   I will just use the information and pass it along to others when we are securing our homeland.

We have GOT to stop thinking like the Jews want us to think.  We all think we have to be NICE.  I would love to be NICE but I don’t have that luxury anymore, now that my eyes have been opened to the ongoing genocide happening RIGHT NOW to our people. 

Just in terms of how many children have NOT been born in say, the last 20 years due to the constant indoctrination of our people coupled with massive non-White immigration, high taxation and almost zero protectionism from our government, is something to consider.

By the way, were you all aware that the birth control pill is an abortifacient (a substance that causes an abortion)?  Just one of those little known facts I thought it important to share.

Anyway, Mexican, catch me on another day, when I’m not working and I’m with a male friend.  You might fall off your bike or something.  :+)




45 thoughts on “Mexican Calls Me a Pinche Güera Today

  1. feminizedwesternmale

    “…birth control pill is an abortifacient…”
    There are actually a couple of mechanisms that are used in OCPs, including preventing implantation AFTER fertilization. It isn’t any secret, having been that way all along – just most people don’t care as long as they “work.”

  2. mindweapon

    Non-whites being rude to us and threatening us is going to end up having the opposite of the desired effect — it’s going to turn many many many of us into militant WN’s.

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  4. Ryu

    Was this one of those gangster spics who ride their bikes around their territory?

    I believe in being nice. My risk tolerance doesn’t allow open racism. I believe that being racist is criminal today and those who “out” themselves are essentially admitting to an unforgivable crime.

    It feels good to tell people off and get hyped up. But I don’t know that it helps us win. If you’re going to hit someone, why tip them off? Hit them when they’re not looking and so they don’t get back up, then move on. If you don’t finish the job, a man will want revenge.

  5. Mr. Rational

    Birth control pills mostly work by inhibiting ovulation.  Without ovulation, there can be no fertilization and “abortion” is impossible.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Thing is, the chemicals don’t work perfectly and sometimes an egg is fertilized anyway. If this happens, the pill makes the lining of the uterus lose its adherency and makes the womb uninhabitable for a baby to live in-so the baby dies.

      1. Mr. Rational

        But only around 1/3 of naturally fertilized ova ever make it to live births.  Are the rest all “dead babies”?  If that’s the case, you get fewer “dead babies” using birth-control pills than not.

        As for myself, I refuse to demean real born babies by grouping them with balls of cells you could count (maybe with fingers and toes).  They are two VERY different things, and if you will not distinguish them the problem is YOURS.

      2. Mr. Rational

        I’m all for making the Mexiscum use birth-control pills regardless of what happens to their “babies”, how about that?

      3. Mr. Rational

        Works for me, but with the treason lobby so effective at changing the “consciences” of our legislators (e.g. ADD, Adelson Dollar Disorder) we can use a fallback position.


    “We have GOT to stop thinking like the Jews want us to think. We all think we have to be NICE.”

    Im so happy to hear opposition to this. Hearing White people always emphasizing peaceful protests and other actions drives me crazy. They don’t understand that we are dealing with retards, you can’t reason with retards. There is something that everyone understands and that is pain.

    I went to a majority brown (probably 90%) public school system here in Texas and have be called pinche guera several times. Never knew it was spelled that way lol.

  7. Denise

    “Nice” is bad. I am Natural Born Celt Loudmouth. My family falls into 2 camps – the Great Big Assertive Loudmouth camp (the majority of us) and the Quiet Observant Ones, Who Sit Around the Edges, Observing, and Make Wry Comments About the Loudmouths, When Outside for Cig Breaks Camp.

    We are not worried about “being nice”.

    Whites are so concerned with being graceful and polished, and well-mannered, and that’s wonderful amongst our Own White Kind – but the Orcs sees this si weakness.

    We should NOT be Nice to the Orcs. They don’t deserve us.

      1. Trainspotter

        This guy is in your neighborhood, or at least near enough to bicycle through it. You don’t want an unnecessary conflict with someone that knows where you live, no matter how justified you are and that he is the aggressor.

        Perhaps even more significantly, you’re a blogger. Those of us who write, even under a questionable anonymity, must strictly obey the law and avoid conflict wherever possible. None of us know when or if we will be outed. Any conflict that we are in will likely be construed against us, however innocent we may be. For now, conflict is going to have to be for those who have not created a digital paper trail, and their residence unknown to the aggressor. Since we already have created that digital paper trail, that knocks us out. Our job is to make our words as useful to the Cause as possible. I think we’re doing that, and we can’t afford to lose our good and inspiring writers.

        So you’ve got to walk away, even though in a sane world you shouldn’t have to. I say this as a guy who has never walked away from a fight in his life, though it’s been some years since I’ve been in that situation. But now, I keep telling myself, if it happens again I’m going to walk away. That’s the plan anyway, but let me tell you it goes against every fiber in my being. As a man, I’m sure it will feel dishonorable and cowardly, but as a woman you don’t face that same dishonor, though it will grate. Still, if I can do it, so can you.

        On a totally different note, it’s always amazed me how the criminal class is so stupid as to commit their crimes near their own residences, where they and their ways are known and easily identified. At the very least, they will be among the “usual suspects” in the event something criminal happens in their area. Why don’t they instead commit their crimes in areas where they are completely unknown? You’d think that with gangs, at least, they could bring in outsiders who are unknown. A real brain teaser, it is. But that’s a question for future revolutionaries to consider, and would only be counterproductive today, and in particular anyone with a digital paper trail can’t be even tangentially involved, however many steps removed.

        I have a vague recollection of a WN blogger doing serious jail time for, I think, leaving a dead snake on someone’s porch. That was ten or more years ago, but still a good cautionary tale. To any angry readers out there…please don’t be that guy. Do something productive and create a co-op gym instead. Do that, build an honor culture, and down the road other possibilities will likely present themselves.

    1. Trainspotter

      I don’t know with certainty who started it, but I’ve always credited you for coming up with “Orc,” which is absolutely perfect. Tolkien meets white nationalism, what’s not to love?

      Anyway, I take it out for a spin from time to time, and you might be pleased to know that Roissy just recently used it. Great stuff, and loved seeing it.

    2. ContemplativeMorrigan

      LOL! My dad’s side of the family is all German/Northern Italian, but we definitely fit the Natural Born Loudmouth profile. I have mixed feelings about the Quiet Observant Ones. My older brother has always been like this, and sometimes I want to shake him by the shoulders and yell at him not to be such a sissy. However, staying on the fringes and using oblique humor, so that people aren’t always sure who the target of the joke is, has its advantages. This only works if the person has a dominant personality, though, which isn’t generally the case with cig break comedians.

  8. Trainspotter

    The Mexican’s behavior is a great example of the sort of low level aggression that non-whites use to make a place uncomfortable for whites. It really is an example of two species in conflict for the same territory.

    And Maureen, it’s good that you aren’t easily intimidated, but for god’s sake be careful.

    Anyway, just wanted an excuse to thank you for your blog, and Denise for hers. Thank you both!

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Thank you. I’m honored that you are a reader. Hope you will find some useful encouraging info here.

      Not sure what I will do about the situation. This blog is about taking our world back so I shouldn’t just back down completely. Maybe I’ll tell the cops/rangers that work in the park and they will keep an eye out. One of them is a negro…chances are she doesn’t like Mexicans.

    2. Mr. Rational

      The Mexican’s behavior is a great example of the sort of low level aggression that non-whites use to make a place uncomfortable for whites.

      And guess who’s always complaining about “microaggressions”?  Think about it.

      1. Trainspotter

        If you are implying (perhaps I misunderstand) that white and non-white behavior is equivalent, you are wrong. The non-whites use their aggressions to move in, intimidate and displace us. Hence the term “white flight.” It’s not the other way around, at least not yet.

        Yes, they complain about “microaggressions,” but it doesn’t stop them from invading and displacing us. Why? Because what they are complaining of is more fiction than fact, and just another tool to control whitey, make sure he minds his P’s and Q’s. On the other hand, what we are complaining of is quite real, and easily confirmed by a perfectly reasonable proxy: grossly lopsided interracial crime statistics.

        What a wonderful status quo: non-whites rape and murder us in huge numbers, but instead of condemning that, they instead have the gall to focus on supposed microaggressions. It staggers the mind. We need complete and total separation from these people, and their white enablers.

  9. clytemnestra57

    Let them complain about “microagressions.”

    There is absolutely no benefit for Whites to having Non-Whites around. None whatsoever.

    Yes, some of them might be the nicest, smartest, most well-behaved “model” minorities around. But how does their presence in White lands and neighborhoods and in factories and businesses that would employ Whites benefit Whites? NOT. AT. ALL.

    DWLs can chant how diversity makes us stronger all they want. Diversity is a net negative, not only to the population that Diversity is coming to, but the population Diversity is coming from. If the “best and brightest” of Non-White countries are coming to White countries, then their presence in White countries is only a net negative to Whites who have to compete with these people, just as their absence from their own homelands is also a net negative in the loss of talent and intelligence to their countries of origin.

    Let’s face it, Non-Whites in White jurisdictions range from being mildly (Asian) to virulently (Jewish) to outright dangerously (Negro) detrimental to Whites. Any White, hell any ONE with a lick of intellectual honesty knows this. If there was any benefit to integration for Whites, Washington would not have had to integrate Southern schools at bayonet point. The media would not have to deluge us with sob stories about Mestizos being poor, honest, hard-working, law-abiding (except for the big one) people trying to have a better life. FEDGOV and its lapdog media would not have to guilt trip, blackmail, and coerce us into being around them.

  10. Joshua

    I don’t get it. You’re all butt hurt and offended cause he called you a “Pinche Guera” yet you offended the Mexican people by posting this blog. How exactly do you know how he’s Mexican? Who knows, he could of been Puerto Rican, Columbian, Salvadorian, etc. Also, lets take a moment and read the “This dumb Mexican” part & also the part how you threatened the next “MEXICAN” to get on your “WAY” .. Wow. Such good woman you are, “keeping your neighborhood safe.”
    I swear! Some people are just too much. I hope you get your life together & stop being racist. Good day!

    1. Monica Bermea-Sepulveda

      Haters will always hate Joshua…racists don’t need a provocation or any reason at all, just the color on our skin, so they think being white make them superior

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  12. Tyler Deflin (yeah, I'm white.)

    Wow you people are sad and scared. Keep blaming it on the non-whites. Once you get your not-so-secret wish of minoirty eradication, you’ll start to turn on each other “you’re blonde! You have curly hair! Let’s fight!” Maybe then, just maybe, you’ll realize that all this anger is inside your own selves and the only person to blame for this anger is YOU. Lighten up. Go for a run. I won’t tell you how to blog cuz you’ll just say “whatever, I’ll do what I want, it’s a free country” and then carry on redefining “free” as “free, only if you’re white (aka special enough)” I really hope for the sake of humanity that in a few hundred years, people with your mindset have died out. Have a good one!

  13. Areyoufuckingserious?

    Holy shit, puta…. this guero wants you to know that you are what’s wrong with this country and this world.

  14. Michael Weaver

    I smell Jewish lawyers behind the invasion of our country. If our government won’t protect our porous border from invasion then perhaps Americans should stop this invasion by force!! The Jews want to turn America into a third world cesspool by using these invaders to vote Democrat. Demographics equal destiny.

    Their goal is to mix all white populations while maintaining Israel as their Jewish ethnostate. Multiculturalism is good for me but not for thee. Shall we say this is the epitome of hypocrisy?

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Why don’t you share your real name here traitor so the Mexicans can show you some love.

      So let me get this straight, I go to the park and get insulted just for the color of my skin and I’m supposed to just take it?. I’m not even allowed to write about it?

      That would make me an idiot, coward, piece of s*** like you.


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