Even After Breivik Killings, Far Right in Norway is Doing Great

ImageIt goes without saying that Aryan Street doesn’t promote violence. 

I’m certainly glad though, that the Pro-White, anti-immigrationist Progress Party (nice name!) is making so much progress in the political realm.  This in spite of the efforts of the leftist mainstream media to smear every pro-White person on the planet with the deaths that took place on Utoya Island at the hands of Breivik, two years ago. 

Europeans world-wide have and are continuing to experience hundreds of deaths every day, both literally, at the hands of hateful non-Whites and spiritually as their standard of living and that of their families falls.  There is also the deaths of the never born that must be accounted for.  When non-White immigration is forced into a White country that has high unemployment, depressing wages and making it impossible for some young people to even find work, less diverse European babies are born.  But you “elites” know that already.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, Jews are behind the push for massive non-European immigration into predominantly European countries worldwide.  Their reasoning is, that  disempowered European people will not be able to fight back against the filth, the theft, the conniving ways of powerful Jews who think of Europeans as a people to take advantage of. 

Ok, Jews, so you want to survive.  I get that.  How long though do you expect the greatest people to ever grace this planet to sit back and allow you to completely destroy them?

You see the signs Eternal Jew, don’t you?  The anti-immigration parties are getting greater support all across Europe.  We are becoming immune to your lies and your “guilty by association” bullcrap.

Best you get ye to your little anti-Palestinian state of Israel where you’ll be safe.  Sort of.  History has a way of repeating itself and if our men decide to begin deporting you out of White lands, there’s nothing I can do to stop them.

Yes, get ye to Israel.

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