My Racist Client

racism is everywhereI met this woman a month ago. She’s White and I believe she is in her 70s. A couple of days ago she got sick and had to go to the hospital for a few days. I find myself taking care of her dogs and her condo. It’s a beautiful place, not far from the beach, and filled with beautiful art and antiques.

She told me her Mexican cleaning lady is coming tomorrow to clean. She has had the same cleaning lady for over a decade. She has asked me to hide some of her jewelry from the cleaning lady. As you can guess, she is afraid leaving it out might be too much of a temptation for the cleaning lady. I joked with her that she has only known me for a month, a much shorter time than she has known her cleaning lady. She says she feels she knows me better.


Love you!

It’s okay, nice White lady. Your secret is safe with me. Racism is good. Racism is everywhere.


4 thoughts on “My Racist Client

  1. Denise

    Well done! This is what I mean by “fomenting racism”. Be super sympathetic, and say, “Oh. I do understand. Totally. I do this all the time. See – because I am so out there – I’m like the mother Confessor to the Secret Waycists. People confide in me.


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