Racist Notes on Cars!


A race-mixing traitor female in Pennsylvania with two mulatto offspring is sad because “racists” are leaving notes on her car telling her to go live in a Black neighborhood. 

Leaving “racist” notes on cars is an Aryan Street approved activity.  Unless you get caught!  Lol! 

I’m too chicken-$hit to do such a thing.  I just either look through non-Whites or give them dirty looks.  Is this HATE?  No it is not.  It is saying, “this is MY people’s territory and you are not welcome here!” 

Do you know where I learned how to be territorial for my people?  I learned it from the Mexicans in Anaheim, CA.  I lived there for 10 years.  At the time, I was ignorant about racial things so being a nice, Christian White girl, I smiled and said hello to pretty much everyone.  Imagine my surprise when 98% of the Mexicans looked at me like I was nuts or just ignored me completely! 

Now I’m awake too and it’s on.  Stay out of my neighborhood. 

I  have a wonderful WN friend here locally.  When she goes to the gym and people speak Spanish in front of her she tells them to speak English.  When she gets pushed at the Goodwill she pushes back.  She’s my hero! 

The article that prompted this post. 



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