You’re One in a Million

If you are reading this blog, you may be one in a million, literally.  White Nationalists, Separatists, European Preservationists etc. are very rare.  If you have rejected the mind controlling dogma of the anti-White Communist  scumbags, (SO MANY of whom are Jewish, by the way) you are a very strong-minded person.

Some of you will see the negative in being one of so few people.  Keep in mind though, that great change doesn’t require everyone’s participation.  For instance, with regard to the Revolutionary War, it is estimated that only around 40-50 percent of the American colonists supported the rebellion.  15 to 20 percent remained loyal to the Crown and the remainder (30 to 55 percent) attempted to remain neutral.  So, as has been pointed out, we don’t need to “awaken the masses”.


We do need support though so let’s get our big White brains working on some effective ways to gains support.  Here’s a great new site you may not have seen. that does a great job of telling of our plight.


4 thoughts on “You’re One in a Million

  1. Hipster Racist

    I love the White Rabbit people, I think they are somewhat related to the Mantra people. I think right now they are our most effective propagandists.

    We’ve always had good writers, but lately I’ve seen better art, better videos, and even better music coming from the pro-white people.

    1. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen Post author

      Yes! It’s very encouraging.

      Yes, White Rabbit radio was a spin off of Bob Whitaker’s Mantra.

      About a year after becoming racially aware I was feeling almost suicidal about our plight. Then White Rabbit Radio came along and I felt hopeful. They are doing a great job! (sometime I help but there are some really hardcore guys and gals that are at it for hours a day!)

  2. Ryu

    WNs indeed are very rare. I think its a strength to have overcome so many barriers. Certainly 1 person can control many others. During American football, 100 players on the field can control 20 million at home watching.


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