Videos!! White Student Union in Georgia

patrick    Hat tip to  the Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism blog for the video.

What a nice looking and normal sounding young man!

That the Negress toward the end of the video is afraid of just the name, “White Student Union” is very telling.  Let’s face it folks.  The non-Whites of this world understand our WHITE POWER and will do everything they can to stop us from organizing.  I am newly motivated to do just that.  It’s my duty.  We  are innately powerful because we are European.  Let’s lay claim to the power that has been bequeathed us!

  Can anyone figure out what the idiot is saying at 1:57 ????

And looky here from the Council of Conservative Citizens website.  (This is a different young man)

The Awakening is Happening Folks.  Be a part of it.


2 thoughts on “Videos!! White Student Union in Georgia

  1. Hipster Racist

    That’s exactly what I was going to say when I saw the picture, totally normal looking average white youth organizing for their interests. It’s perfect. They can’t stop it now because they don’t control the media anymore – we have the internet.


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