How to Start a Group

Being a WN can be very lonely.  You might need a group.

Contact (in writing) someone you know from the internet that lives in your area that you find interesting.  You can find people on internet forums, blogs etc.  You may even be able to contact someone who comments on an online article, if they use their Facebook ID to do it.

Have a few online discussions with the person.  See if you still like them.  If so, suggest a phone call (Old school or video call, it doesn’t matter).  Have a few verbal chats with the person to see if you still like them.  This process can take between a few weeks to a few months.

The next step is a face to face meetup.  Meet somewhere public.  Bring a friend if you have one that’s willing.  If not, don’t worry about it.  Remember the other person is probably just as nervous as you are.  Be cautious but not paranoid.  Unless you’re a google felon (a known pro-White advocate) no one is going to kill you or even set you up.

If you still like the person, keep meeting.  Do things together that you both find enjoyable.  Keep developing your friendship.  This could take a few more months but sometimes it happens more quickly.

When the time is right, reach out again, using the internet.  Build on the rapport you have built with your current friend to make new friends.  Do the writing contact, the phone contact, then invite them for a beverage or something with you and your first friend.  Keep doing things that are enjoyable to all.  Keep inviting new friends.  Encourage your new friends to use the same model.

Before you know it, you’ll have a little group.  If a few in the group are consistent about making new friends, pretty soon you’ll have a good sized little group.

I must caution you.  You will meet with plenty of discouragement along the way.  In our dystopic society, even many White people have poor manners.  Some will say they are interested, then not stay in touch, only to resurface months later saying, “what’s going on?” and wondering why there isn’t more activity.  Just ignore them and move on.  I’ve actually started calling them on their BS (I’m an older woman now so I can do that).  I move on quickly though.  I can’t afford to hold onto negative energy.  There are so many people out there!

Another caution.  You may end up with a more active social life than you bargained for.  That’s a pretty high quality problem though.

A final caution.  Do not allow anyone to discuss any illegal activities in front of you.  Now is not the time for violent action.  Now is the time to build our networks.  Do not be duped by an FBI agent looking to make a bust.  Keep it legal.  Don’t let this final caution keep you from making friends though.  Just always be very clear that you don’t and won’t condone any illegality.  You can do that right?

Has anyone else started a group?  If so, how did you do it?


5 thoughts on “How to Start a Group

  1. j.t. www laffrey

    Good advice. Of course, I cannot be part of such a group as I am already on record as for “inciting” full Self Defense violence in retaliation against our enemies’ violence against us. But the kind of group you have described will certainly help our people.

    1. Maureen Martin

      I am finally check the Solari Circle idea and it looks like a fantastic idea. We need money personally and as a movement. It’s time to wade in and figure out how to make, save and invest money.


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