Naughty Racist Report! Oops!

Italy’s Senate vice president, Roberto Calderoli, a leader of the anti-immigrant Northern League compared the Congolese-born integration minister, Cecile Kyenge, to an orangutan.

I don’t know.  Some of those Orangutans are kinda cute and Cecile…well, not so much.

Image        Image

Ya know, I was raised to be “tolerant” so it feels a little funny to make fun of Orangutans this way.  If the Orangutans stayed in their own countries instead of ruining ours I wouldn’t feel compelled to do it.  Look at that nasty mug.  What gives you, a Congolese born female a right to come into Italy and declare that you and your people have rights?  Are Italians declaring their rights in the Congo? No they are not.

If you are such a special Black snowflake why don’t you go back to the Congo and help YOUR people get their act together?  Hello, there’s a WAR going on in your country!  But instead of fixing YOUR country, you marry an Italian and then tell HIS people how to behave.  FUCK YOU.

Calderoli has apologized and will send you flowers for his outburst but you are still an Orangutan and you have no right to tell Italians what to do.


2 thoughts on “Naughty Racist Report! Oops!

  1. Ryu

    It’s interesting to see that the people throw bananas at the monkeys, while the gov gives them diversity jobs. Even in Italy. I hear Italians are quite racist.

  2. Hipster Racist

    Look, Italians are Italians, and Africans are Africans. The idea of an “African-Italian” or whatever is obviously absurd.

    Now, what happened to the identity for people like me? I used to be called an “American” but now, evidently, anyone can be an “American.”

    I guess I’m like a Palestinian – an “invented person.” Just a “social construct.”


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