Picture of the Year! Ordinary White woman holding sign; “We’re Racist and Proud”

racist and proud

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

Picture of the Year

Dueling groups of protesters converged on a wealthy Houston neighborhood on Sunday in reaction to last weekend’s not-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman in the death of teen Trayvon Martin.
Around 80 people gathered on a street in Houston’s River Oaks area, some carrying American flags and shouting support for stand-your-ground self-defense laws.
Members of this group held signs that read: ‘We’re racist and proud,’ ‘Remove the Black Panthers from the U.S.A.’ and ‘If Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic” then President Obama is a “White Black

If anyone is too young to remember O.J., this is a reference to Johnny Cochran’s defense summation to the black jury that acquitted O.J. “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.”

Zimmerman is our OJ

This is our O.J. moment. White America is uniting. Also, notice the Hispanic woman:

This is why it’s worth learning Spanish and being somewhat friendly to Hispanics, while explaining to them that more…

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4 thoughts on “Picture of the Year! Ordinary White woman holding sign; “We’re Racist and Proud”

  1. Sifu

    The woman holding the “we’re racist and proud” sign is a trayvon martin supporter and was there with the New Black Panther Party. The sign is meant to attack the Zimmerman supporters. She was clearly with the New Black Panther/Trayvon supporters, but media sources LIED claiming that she was a Zimmerman supporter. The story is here at http://www.breitbart.com. Story by Brandon Darby. (http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2013/07/23/Racist-and-Proud-Sign-Anti-Zimmerman-Smear-Proven-False-Video-Proof)

  2. Sifu

    Brandon Darby, a columnist at Breitbart.com was there at the protest. He writes:

    “Sundays Justice for Trayvon march, held by The New Black Panter Party was attended by a woman holding a sign reading ‘Racist and Proud’. Several media outlets identified the woman as a ‘George Zimmeramn supporter’, and the story took off, providing the left with the supposed evidence of racism among those who believe Zimmerman was not guilty. However, an interview with Breitbart News at the Houston rally itself proved that she was an anti-Zimmerman demonstrator attempting to use sarcasm to prove her point….. she was quite honest and open about her intentions and what her sign meant. She also located herself quite clearly on the Trayvon Martin/New Black Panther-supporting side of the demonstration.”

    So this woman was clearly with the Trayvon Martin supporters, but some big media outlets LIED and claimed she was a Zimmerman supporter.


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