A Call To Action! Dont’ worry, you don’t have to get up.

Please give this website a positive rating and comment.  It is an honest and truthful site.  Also, please give a thumbs up rating to the other positive voters/commenters.  It will only take around 5 minutes.  You can do it!

Thanks WN Think Tank for bringing this to my attention.  Image


4 thoughts on “A Call To Action! Dont’ worry, you don’t have to get up.

  1. Hipster Racist


    LOL at the nurse picture and caption.

    OK I found that site VT about two years ago, and I was really happy because they had a whole section for 9/11 Truth and lots of good sources like Susan Lindauer and Sibel Edmonds.

    After reading it for maybe 6 months, I noticed the 9/11 sources were the worst quality, and they attacked the best quality 9/11 sources, except for the “celebrities.” “Gordon Duff” wrote articles that had purposefully incorrect information in them. Known disinfo artists were being added into the set of good sources. VT mostly followed the “party line” in cases like when Obama attacked Libya.

    So I don’t trust VT anymore, while they do publish some good articles, those articles are not original to VT. But most of the original material from VT is not very good. I think it’s a really slick propaganda campaign – and I mean really slick. I think it’s based on Cass Sunstein’s propaganda ideas about “cognitive infiltration.” They actually let a comment through that said as much.

    I check them out now and again but I always take it with a grain of salt. I guess you have to do that for everything these days.

    1. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen

      Thanks Hipster. If I understand the term correctly (from checking on rationalwiki.org), this cognitive infiltration tactic is used a lot online and in real life. It’s where the perpetrator gives you enough truth to make you comfortable, in order to feed you a lie or two right? I like this term “limited hangout”. Very interesting stuff. Something we should use as well.

      I hadn’t read enough of the VT sight to make a good judgement about it, I guess. Thanks for pointing out the flaws.

      I am suspicious of everything now. Occasionally, I feel even the best of WN is at times, just dragging me around by my ear.

      1. Hipster Racist

        Yep, Cass Sunstein wrote an infamous article about “cognitive infiltration” of online communities that believed in “conspiracy theories” about 9/11 – those were the exact words.

        So it’s very much like a “limited hangout.” 9/11 is moot as far as TPTB are concerned. So VT published all the leaks that were already known, but then adds in a bunch of nonsense, and propaganda that supports the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

        I figured it out when Gordon Duff wrote an article about the patches various cover military guys wear, like in the NRO. He had stolen the article from the Washington Post, but then added in all this hoopla about UFOs and “space beams” and the like.

        They give you 80% truth and then pollute it with 20% nonsense – and the nonsense is really ridiculous. But I do read the site if I want to know what the Obama administration is planning next. VT is for instance very critical of the shitty little country.

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