Farming Internships


In one of MindWeapon’s posts yesterday, farm internships came up. This is a great thing. Physical labor type jobs will always be necessary.

Here is a link for a site specializing in farm internships. I spent an hour flicking through it.

Let’s get something out of the way. Mexicans – ohhh scary, competition! I have watched them work, as we have many in the area. In the heat of summer, they work from about 6am to 1pm. When the temperature goes over 105, they stop working outside. Usually they work a 6 day a week schedule with Sunday off. They are not faster, more intelligent or better than white workers. Subjectively I would say they are like dumb brutes, or simpletons.

All the farm internships I saw were similar. The growing season runs from about April to October. The boss pays room and food, while you may get a…

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