My Friend Was Racially Profiled by Cops Yesterday!

I like to keep Aryan Street positive but I would be remiss not to share certain experiences here.

Today I went to the beach with a couple of friends.  They are racially aware but not necessarily White Nationalists.  We played ball on the beach and were getting ready to leave in two cars.  Seemingly out of nowhere my friend (in a different vehicle than I) was approached by two police officers.  My friend ends up sitting on the ground while the cops peek inside his truck and ask him questions.  His “crime”?  His meter had run out less than 5 minutes before that and he was getting ready to leave.  It seems any excuse will do, if you’re a cop and you spy a skinny White boy enjoying the waves in southern California.

In my opinion he gave the cops too much information but hey, it’s intimidating to have those goons targeting you.  They let him go, (didn’t even give him a ticket for the expired meter-don’t they have meter readers for that anyway?) since he didn’t do anything wrong.

Another friend I was with said, “that’s just the way it is in ********** Beach.

I don’t accept that.  There were probably 5,000 illegal Mexicans on the Beach that day and I saw no one bothering them.

That’s okay, keep pushing your luck ZOG.



One thought on “My Friend Was Racially Profiled by Cops Yesterday!

  1. Ryu

    Whites are the only group that one can racially profile today. Perhaps he’s been made as a racist.


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