Aaryn from TV Show “Big Brother” Says Naughty Things


Aaryn?  Aaryn? (the Aryan?)

Ok so Aaryn doesn’t like homos and Gina said nigga.  Oh noooooooes!  Was this for real?  I mean after seeing Paula Deen ground into the dirt for admitting to using the N WORD nearly 30 years ago, why would they say these things when they KNOW they are being filmed 24/7 on this “Big Brother” television show/

I smell a hook-nosed rat.  Seems like this “reality” show aptly named Big Brother is going to become one more stage to play out the old familiar anti-White humiliation of racially aware Whites.

Still, there’s a chance that White people, in their heart of hearts will be glad to know there are so many closet racists out there.

Article here.


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