Awesome Satire about “Creepy Ass Cracka” comment

People are coming out of the woodwork these days pointing out the idiocy of so-called “Political Correctness” also known as the Prescribed Canard.

That this negress doesn’t feel the term creepy ass cracka is a racist thing to say shows that anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White.


5 thoughts on “Awesome Satire about “Creepy Ass Cracka” comment

    1. Jon

      Whereas racial slurs against Blacks are kind of like an able-bodied person making fun of a Special Olympics participant, against White people they just don’t stick. For one thing White people are generally less sensitive to ridicule and have a rather flat IQ bell curve (greater proportion of retards and dullards as well as relatively more bright people and geniuses). But most important, attempting to racially insult a White guy is kind of like Jay Z saying that Mozart’s music “ain’t shit”. How could Mozart, if alive, take such criticism serious?


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