Die in Honor or Live in Disgrace

From my internet friend Andrew Coleman:

No longer should we Whites cry and complain when we are bitten by the beasts we released. The time for learning from our grand mistake is over; what remains now is the application of what we have learned.

As long as one of our own precious children is in an integrated school, this war is not over. As long as our churches are dotted and spotted congregations, gateways to miscegenation, this war is still on and the battle still raging. As long as coloreds occupy any office of our nations, this war is yet to be won. As long as White youth listen to Rap and clock out with drugs, we still have a war to win. As long as innocent babes are ripped apart and their life snuffed out, we still have a war to win. As long as Sodomites and Lesbians run around on our streets, we still have a war to wage. If there is miscegenation, there is a war. And as long as our People are bowing to the godless, antichrist Jew, we have a war to wage.

The learning curve is over for us; what we do with our “class time” in the real world will now become open and evident to the rest of the world. Boys will either become Men, or they will fall as boys without spirit, without courage, without bravery, without strength, without honor and without manhood. Girls will either become Women, or they will fall as girls without spirit, without chastity, without courage, without honor, without true headship, without dignity, without respect, without children and without motherhood.

We can bite the bullet and take to the task, or we can bow to our Enemies and bite the curb. The Lord God wants just a few good men and women to stand for Him, for the truth and for the Race. And His grand command to “love thy neighbor” goes far beyond the friendly comments and gestures any of us can do online to our racial kindred.

Live and die a Christian, or live and die a Coward. Die in Honor, or live in Disgrace. If we back out, however, there’s someone that will take our place. Never forget it: we have faith and we have duty. Soldiers obey the command.


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