Important Information – Followup Words from Real Hungarian Nationalist

ImageA few hours ago I posted a film produced by Al-Jeezera about the “horrors” (ie. progress) that has been made in Hungary (workcamps, etc).

After watching the film I called a friend of mine, a Hungarian American who blogs here –   I had some questions about the film which he has answered (I was concerned about homeless Hungarians) and he also asked me to forward a message to my circle about this film.

This message is from MNA (Magyar Nemzeti Arcvonal), Hungarian National Front.  MNA is the leading and most organized Nationalist group in Hungary.  Jobbick is heavily infiltrated.  MNA is the real thing.

Dear readers !
Here are the facts from the Hungarian National Front, MNA , to those who are congratulating Orban for his good work in Hungary :
Orban is a Gypsy , his original name was Orsos , a typical old name for gypsies.
Orbans family , every one of them , were members of the communist party , where they had high positions . Victor Orban himself was the leader of the Communist Youth Movement a.k.a KISZ .
Orban’s policies :
-baning of most nationalist symbols,
-aiding the gypsy organizations to elevate them into the local governments and into the National Parlament ,
-Holocaust Day as a national ” Holiday” ,a mandatory celebrations of the jews imposed unto the native people ,
-mandatory holocaust education in schools ,mandatory school visits to the local branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Center – called the House of Terror .
-destruction of all national organizations or the infiltration and take over of the ones they could not destroy ./ Szegedi-Klein Csanad and the Jobbik affair /
This gypsy Orban and his Jew goals are not simply the occupation of the land of Hungary, but the occupation of the Hungarian identity, culture and history . They are pushing us out, the real folk of the land . This is the real Orban you all congratulate . Wake up ladies and gentleman !
Georg Soros , /born as Schwatz/ has financed the education of Orban ,he financed FIDESZ , he is Georg Soros-Schwartzes forward man , on third base today in the game of occupation .
This AlJazeera report is false !
Orban on the other hand may have realized that the days of his and his western friends are coming to an end , so it could be advantages to be made look like a nationalist and run from his sinking ship before it is too late .
Wake Up ! The Truth Shall Set You Free !
MNA  Hungarian National Front
Translated by Kiss Laszlo .
Kitartás! Kiss Laslo!

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