Good News from Hungary

Important:  Please see follow up post to this video for a word from a TRUE Hungarian Nationalist.

Thanks again WN ThinkTank for a great find!

Edit – You will see in this movie that the natural solution for thieving people is to set up work camps so they can WORK for their food rather than steal it from people who work.  Commies rename work camps “concentration camps” because they always rename good things with bad names and vice versa but the men in villages forced to work in fields are actually being given a gift.  A gift of sustenance.  A gift, should they accept it  that may allow them to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors.  And if the NWO commies could keep their noses out of our affairs, the Roma might choose life over certain death.  Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen as the Commies will agitate for them.


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