Self Control

I need to gain more control of myself doing the things I need to do and eschewing things that are not profitable. This article is inspiring!

The West’s Darkest Hour


From Faith and Action (1938) by Helmut Stellrecht for the Hitler Youth:

One expects that a person who drives a car is in control, and that he causes no accidents. One expects that a person who lives with other people will control himself, so that he does not endanger himself or others.

§ The forces within us can raise or lower us. It depends on the use we make of them, on whether we control them and therefore ourselves.

§ Hunger and thirst exist to be satisfied. But woe to him who eats for the sake of eating or drinks for the sake of drinking. He is lower than an animal that knows when it has had enough. But he to whom understanding has been given does not know it. We hate the gluttons and drunkards with bulging bodies and swollen eyes, people with no character or self control…

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3 thoughts on “Self Control

  1. Wally D.

    The German soldiers defending Germany from the forces of darkness were exceptionally brave and loyal. Thats why they were murdered by the millions by Zionists, as they possessed the more noble genes of our race and we are now much lesser as a people by their demise.


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