Gorgeous April Sims! The new face of race realism?

ImageShe said some true things on Facebook, she got fired AND SHE STANDS BY EVERY WORD with true Aryan courage.  

See more about April on Murder By Media


14 thoughts on “Gorgeous April Sims! The new face of race realism?

  1. rollingwriter

    Yeah. I don’t like this new mind control garbage where people are fired or forced to quit their jobs just for telling the truth on their own time.
    How creepy is that?

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  3. Wally D.

    Anyone NOT racially aware is pretty much brain-damaged. That said, she was foolish to put her personal opinions out there for the thougtht police to see.

  4. Ryu

    Brave indeed. She’s got a long life in front of her. There was no use in apologizing, as it never would have been enough. In time, this incident will be forgotten.

  5. wyrdreamer

    They probably targeted her before the incident and just used it as a reason, as in…looking for a reason. Think about it.

    1. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen Post author

      I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe she expressed her frustration at work and someone tattled on her.

      She’s better off not working for the pigs anyway. Some Mom and Pop company will hire her. Not everyone is glued to the internet or even cares about her views.

      1. wyrdreamer

        I agree, I suspect they wanted to can her just for being white. But that’s just my opinion, happens every day now though. Yes I agree she was working for the wrong people and it should become a valuable learning experience, even if she has to “go through stuff” to get to a better place 🙂

      2. wyrdreamer

        Yep, negroids get in a place of power and exercise their power as much as possible, all at once. Their minds don’t operate in any other way. All those govt jobs have nigs in the management and there is zero protection for whitey so the second you say anything remotely prideful, watch for it.

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