Are You Angry enough to go beyond “boo hoo?”

ImageAre you tired of all the whining about our plight that can be found on the internet and in real life?  I am.   Let’s face it.  We have enough writers and commentators online now to sink a ship.  If Whites who need information about White genocide can’t find us on the internet by now, they probably aren’t smart enough to help us anyway.

We can’t all be writers.  We need organizers, banner wavers, food distributors, fund raisers, politicians, campaign managers, secretaries, real estate experts and so on and we need White Nationalists everywhere to LIMIT their time reading news and jews, get out there and be successful and contribute to pro-White causes.  Image

^^^^^^^^^Charles Martel and his Mindweapons decisively stop the Muslim army’s advance into Northern Europe.

But first we have to weaponize our minds.  Semites and other non-Whites are weaponized for survival (as we once were) and their mindworms have severely incapacitated many of OUR minds.  This can be remedied though and I highly recommend the article below to begin getting you into the right frame of mind.  You will NOT get stronger reading about the latest atrocity committed against us.  You WILL get mentally stronger by positively brainwashing yourself.  Start here.

Mind-Weaponization Defined

Posted on June 20, 2010 by Kievsky (thanks in advance for allowing me to reprint this article in its entirety)

I came up with a definition of Mind-Weaponization:

The single-minded pursuit of hegemony.

Hegemony is the leftist term for political power/social influence, and it’s always used in a negative context. Studying details like this about the Left shows us how we got into the situation we are in. How we got “ravelled” in the first place so we can start unraveling.

Mind-Weaponization is the reverse engineering of Leftism, taking the subject of the critique, and doing exactly what Leftists say is the morally wrong or “evil” thing to do.

From the Tim Wise – Jared Taylor debate:

The only reason now that there is a significant bonding, let’s say, on the basis of blackness is because the historical and material realities within this country have created the necessity and certainly the perception of necessity, and I would say the reality of necessity, that such persons bond together. It’s perfectly logical and expected for subordinated groups. The difference is that when the dominant group does it, the group that has 90% of the GDP in its hands, half as likely to be unemployed, one third as likely to be poor, still running every major institution in this society, it becomes redundant, it becomes organizing on the basis of one’s own domination, one’s own hegemony, and it’s highly unbecoming for the very same reason that it’s always unbecoming for those who run the society to say, “We need to organize to protect our interests.” The society is there already to protect those interests.

“90% of GDP” in non-Jewish White hands? Really Tim?

Tim says it’s “unbecoming” for us to “organize on the basis of our own domination . . . (and) hegemony.”

Well then maybe that’s exactly what we SHOULD DO. When a hateful liar is shaking his finger and saying, “Don’t do this!” then of course you should look up exactly what he’s saying not to do. He doesn’t think we are smart enough to do that. The Rev. Wise of the Whiteguilt church of racial suicide is counting on being taken at his word.

There’s two reasons not enough of us are single-mindedly pursuing hegemony.

1. Basic laziness.

2. The psychic cost of pursuing hegemony.

There is indeed a psychic cost to power-seeking. Most people just want to “live their lives.” Success can get uncomfortable. I think it’s about the pain of being born to something new. Any time you pass into a higher phase, there’s birth pangs.

But, you get used to it, and then it’s time to go to the next level, just like a video game. With Mind-Weaponization, you get to treat real life like a video game, rather than the other way around. It’s all about completing the tasks required to get to the next level.

At the level we are at, we don’t have enough money to have true free speech. There is always the threat of economic sanctions for anyone who gets too outspoken. We need to get to the point where we can be open and public and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it, so that the bystanders realize that you can actually “get away with” taking the pro-White stance.

If you are angry enough about the continued attack on Whites, that you are willing to devote your life single-mindedly to the organizing for hegemony and dominance (Mind-Weaponization), then you can suppress your human side and be a Mind-Weapon Terminator:

Mind-Weapon Terminator

There’s a lot of things one simply finds distasteful or uncomfortable, but that one should do anyway in pursuit of hegemony. In this sense I would pay attention to what Matt Parrot is saying about the many oligarchies out there. If you are really, really serious, then you should join one of the global oligarchies that he talks about.

That is, if you are really serious about Victory with a capital V. Much of the WN movement is still stuck in “boo-hoo mode.” Boo-hoo mode is of course necessary for attracting new people, but it’s the very 1st degree.

Whenever we make a post here or on SF about some particularly egregious colored on white crime, or some particularly egregious bit of anti-white hypocrisy, that’s boo hoo mode. New Nation News is the greatest site for BHM, with it’s open source insurgency of “news reporters” finding and collecting hate crimes against whites and dead mudsharks from sea to shining sea and beyond.

The problem with boo hoo mode is the incorrect assumption that we can inspire pity in the anti-whites. I’ll switch to boo hoo mode myself for a moment just to give you an example.

We know that there have been thousands of farm murders in Zimbabwe and South Africa, especially since about 2000. We know that these were not simply murders to rob food or something, but usually involve sadistic torture and rape, and it’s all about racial retaliation of blacks against whites. Reverse the races, and you have a cause celebre for the Establishment, such as the bombing of Serbia to aid Kosovo Muslim terrorists to steal Kosovo from Serbia and ethnic cleanse Serbs.

But whenever Whites are the victims, there’s no pity, and you suspect that, behind closed doors, they are probably clinking glasses and getting excited over the real life snuff porn they are facilitating against Whites.

Here’s a yahoo “sports reporter” talking about the little Boer settlement called Orania:

ORANIA, South Africa – You come because there have been stories. Because around the World Cup the talk has been about peace and togetherness and the vanquishing of old racial wounds in the hope that the world’s arrival might stimulate new solutions. And you hear of a place that wants none of that. A place where white and black can’t live side-by-side in the rainbow nation. A place settled by the old South Africa who couldn’t cope with the new South Africa.

And you wonder why such a place should exist at all.

Lester flagrantly minimizes the genocide of the Boer People with this outrageous quote about “a few farm killings,” and calling it a “panic” in the sense of implying that is an irrational or exaggerated response.

He also talks a lot about violence in other parts of South Africa. People in cities such as Johannesburg live behind giant walls and electric fences. In more rural areas, a panic has risen about what locals call “farm killings” in which young blacks have murdered a few Afrikaner farmers.

Lester knows that he’s lying. He doesn’t care. That’s how these people feel about you. You can boo hoo to the end of time, and Lester will keep lying, because he knows most sports fans out there won’t ever look into the genocide of the Boer farmer.

The only solution is the pursuit of hegemony and dominance, towards the day when millions of Whites are made part of an ethnic advocacy mechanism, in the way that Jews are. It all starts with controlling enough resources, so that economic sanctions can’t be used on us any more. To the day that we can force the mass media and the government and corporations to recognize us as an ethnic bloc with ethnic interests.

If you will go to the next level, to Mind-Weaponization, then you will be one of the founders of the New Nation. Hat tip to Mark Siporen of New Nation News for the term New Nation. His thesis is that from the fires of hellish multiculturalism, the New (White) Nation is being formed.

The New Nation must be economically constructed first, and then we can start cultural construction. When we have our National Economy (within the global economy) then we can have our Nation within the country. Quite simply, when we reach a certain level of economic hegemony, we will be able to express our identity despite official sanctions. When others see that we “got away with it,” they will jump on board.

As I wrap up this article, I want to remind you that Mind-Weaponization is not a call to purely selfless action. It is a call to duty, but there are plenty of rewards along the way. You have probably spent your life doing your duty to earn your keep, and maybe even support a family, running your ass off for a boss. We want to end those days. You are to become your own boss, and not fear it. You must have the self confidence to do this. If you don’t have a lot of practical skills, then you must get them. Society is very dumb, and there’s abundant need for people who know how to do some specialized thing, and do it well. High tech office management is an obvious one. House maintenance is another. A lot of your competition out there do these businesses, but they don’t necessarily do them as well as they could. People are intellectually stagnant. That’s just the way it is.

When you think of reasons why you don’t want to go to the next level of the Reality Game, think about Les Carpenter using his Yahoo Sports platform to laugh at the Boer genocide, and say that a place where Whites can be safe from rape/torture/murder “. . . should not exist.” Are you angry enough yet? Angry enough to go beyond “boo hoo?”

Give up this implicit Christian idea of the effectiveness of inspiring pity. It only works on our people. Gang raped white women and murdered Boer families is just another form of gonzo porn for old Les and his buddies.

When you see how pitiless the world really is, then you realize that either you go to the next level, or sink back and let future generations of Whites be victimized by people like Les. It is your duty to go to the next level, and the next and the next, no matter what the cost, no matter how hard you have to work. Visualize yourself in a video game, always goal oriented, always results oriented, thinking only of going to the next level, like the Terminator or the video game character of “Doom.”

See you there.


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