Boo Hoo- Negroes aren’t getting enough help in Italy!

And I’ve got news for you The “Independent” website.  It’s not xenophobic to want your people to survive.  It’s called being normal.

From the article at The “Independent”, regarding a Nigerian living in Udine, a gracious town in north-eastern Italy:

There is nothing for him here, not even small change. Sicily must have been just as bad: his wife had their daughter there, but somewhere along the line they split up (his penis called him elsewhere-MM) and now they are out of contact. He doesn’t want to go into details, but the misery is etched in his face. He’s renting a room in Udine, paying for the gas and electricity and all that – “but there’s no work,” he says. And the Udinesi? Are they generous? He sighs. “It’s hard,” he says. “It’s so hard.”


Boo flipping Hoo.  And where are you getting the money to pay for a room and utilities ingrate?

Here’s a little help for you Nigger-ian.  

This is what Italians made for Italians:



This is what Nigeria has made for Nigerians:



Isn’t it about time you Nigs got crackin’?  No, I don’t mean smoking crack.  I mean building something for yourselves.  How can you have any respect for yourself when you are always mooching?


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