This is how I get most of my news now.  From the internet.  Generally, I believe, from people who care about the Truth rather than Jew/Jew Thinker Jobber Careerists.  And sometime the comment section of a blog is rich, very, very rich.  Here’s the blog I found this info on.  Truth Militia.


Hundreds of Swedes gather to fight race riots
Stockholm Hundreds of upset and angry Swedes have gathered tonight to stop immigrant gangs from destroying their beautiful city by throwing stones at police and car fires.

About 200 Swedes have gathered in Stockholm to take further south, while it continues to flow to more people. They must be at least 30 or so cars loaded angry Swedes who want an end to the race riots and they go around to locate the immigrant gangs who burn cars, throw stones or otherwise destroy their once-beautiful city. Dialogue-Police* and two vans turned up at the meeting place and wondered what the Swedes would find on for anything. These include the nationalists, but also about Swedes who are not organized in nationalist groups. According to reports, the Swedes now riding for the area Tumba which reportedly will be very unsettled and where it has been built several large fires.

A Swede writes on his Facebook page that their goal is to put an end to the unrest in the suburbs. We will defend the rescue, helping people who are assaulted by the rioters and that they intend to teach perpetrators of violence a lesson.


10:30 PM: Police attack without warning a large Swedish group that is looking to help maintain order in southern Stockholm.

10:40 PM: A number of Swedes who had gathered to stop the race riots should have been arrested and taken away by the police.

11:00 PM: The Swedes have now been allowed to return to their cars.

11:10 PM: A few stone throwers have had a taste of justice from the Swedes and the group has been pushed back by riot police.

11:14: PM Now the Swedes back at the meeting place

11:23:PM The vigilantes refuses to renounce nationalists despite howls and shouts from the left extreme, immigrants and politically correct. They say that everyone is welcome to defend their territories and their city regardless of politics.

11:27 PM: Nationalists and gallant Swedes stormed around 15-20 stone throwers. Some tasted the asphalt.

11:30 PM The group is heading back to the meeting point for reorganization.

11:40 PM More and more angry and upset Swedes joining the Swedes who are already out there, more and more people want to help stop the protests against racism.

11:47 PM: Now go nationalists and all other affected Swedes passed from collection site to find more riot spirit thugs to speak right.

11:55 PM The Swedes place has one thing to say – All attacks against the Swedish society is seen as an attack on the Swedish character and will be answered from our side. We do not negotiate with terrorists! Talk to your friends, family and acquaintances. Tonight, we go out and take back our city from these thugs!

12:00 AM: There are rumors that armed immigrants to find and shoot the Nationalists and the other Swedes. This while those looking for riot spirit immigrants.

12:10 AM: The extreme left has in some cases made common cause with immigrants, among other things, they assaulted a lonely young girl rough as reported. A nationalist should also have been damaged ear. Reportedly, more stone throwers also reprimanded rudely and given a good beating. There are several Swedish groups out there tonight, not everyone is in the same location.

12:12 AM: Police try to stop the Swedes and the Nationalists by frisk them and stop their cars. They will be detained and searched and leggade. They also search through the cars several yards

12:37 AM: One of the groups with the Swedes at about 300 people, another group of about 100 people. There should be many more smaller Swedish groups looking to take back their city. Some 20 Swedes have been arrested and will spend 6 hours in bondage.

12:44 AM: Now to the left and immigrants riot suddenly have help from the police to protect themselves from the angry Swedes who want to get them away from their town.

12:58 AM Updated with additional image. The Swedes are headed for a new destination where there is rioting and fires.

1:20 AM The Swedes have not given up yet, bilbrännare have gone on beating in Tumba and chased away. Swedes protects ambulances and the fire brigade against the race riots, against stone-throwing and the homemade firebombs. The figures on how many organized Swedes who are out fighting perpetrators of violence varies. Anything between 3 and 500, one can say.

1:36 AM Even more groups of Swedes have gone out to the suburbs to keep track, take action against perpetrators and assist emergency services and ambulances.

1:42 AM Around fifty immigrants in Fittja have armed themselves with sticks and other weapons.

1:45 AM Several firefighters and others who are out there to try to put out the fires that perpetrators of violence erected shall have expressed a positive view and appreciation of the Swedes effort. On the whole, they should be happy that someone, for once, take their party so they can do their work.

1:57 AM One of the force acting pyromaniac which must have been shattered leg and can not walk.

2:07 AM Yet more evidence has come out that the extreme left has made common cause with immigrant gangs, including the police officers have been attacked and slightly injured. Swedes who are out and protects their city has repeatedly fought back against the violent and multi-criminal mob.

2:22 AM It has been confirmed that several arsonists and violent offenders have been caught and has been well cared for by the Swedes.

2:40 AM Between 50 and 80 communists and immigrants have gathered in Fittja to attack the police with stones and other objects to throw.

*Dialog Police is a special police in Sweden. Dialog Police officers working with the diffusion of information between police and groups conducting demonstrations and other manifestations, in order that they can be implemented without crime or disturbance occurs




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